Total Number Dead: 470

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1. Rick- Shotgun blast to the head
2. Mrs. Perkins- Shotgun blast to the head
3. Kyle-and
4. Suzanne- Slit in the throat from ear to ear while meditating together on the dock
5. Paul- Shotgun blast to the stomach, later found macheted to a tree
6. Albert- Macheted to death
7. Ned- Macheted to death
8. Monique- Head bashed on the side of a canoe, then macheted in the head
9. Billy Boone- Decapitated by shotgun blast
10. Joe Travers (The Hunter)- Possessed by Jason, Died from several stab wounds
11. Mrs. Voorhees' head- Blown apart by shotgun blast by Carly


12. Gabe Gleason (Pa)- Shotgun blast to the stomach
13. Ruth Gleason (Ma)- Shotgun blast to the head
14. Uncle Tuck- Fishing hook to the hand, crushed to death when reeled in by Big Red
15. Uncle Bud- Sliced up with a chainsaw, then wedged into a dollhouse
16. Cassie- Found butchered by her parents
17. James- Found butchered by his parents
18. Billy- Found butchered by his parents
19. Darlene- Hacked up with an ax
20. Doug- Fell into a trap meant for Big Red; Spikes through his back and out his chest
21. Tina- Overwhelmed by leeches in Crystal Lake; Blood sucked out
22. Miguel- Hacked up with an ax
23. Big Red Gleason- Possessed by Jason, body dismembered with an ax by Kelly
24. Billy Boone's spirit- Body mutilated by Big Red's lucite leg
25. Kelly Boone- Died from excessive blood loss


26. Nick- Blowtorch inside mouth and out neck
27. Bernard- Fried on electric fence
28. Boy- Thrown off tilt-a-whirl, lands dead on the pavement
29. K.C.- Decapitated with an ax
30. Wendy- Stabbed to death with a hacksaw
31. Graham- Stabbed to death with a switchblade
32. Greg- Throat slit with a switchblade
33. Maxi's father- and
34. Bev- Fried on electric fence when Scrambler ride crashes into it
35. Carny- Slashed in stomach several times with a knife
36. Vince Fantana- Mallet to the head
37. Maxi- Bit to death by Stump, the rottweiler
38. Stump the rottweiler- Crashed into electric fence while playing fetch with Maxi's arm
39. Mitch Deever- Possessed by Jason, axed in the head and died when the mask was removed

ROAD TRIP (1994)

40. Donny- Bit to death by bats "offscreen"
41. Stu- Bit to death by bats
42. Tina- Shot in the stomach several times by the trooper
43. Cliff- Shot four times by the trooper
44. Trooper- Macheted to death
45. Missy- Stabbed with stinger of "Buzzy Bee" mascot, which was filled with knitting needles
46. Belinda- Macheted in the skull
47. Dave- Throat ripped out
48. Slick- Bit to death by bats
49. Teddy Bateman (Buzzy)- Possessed by Jason, head later ripped off


50. John- Pulled down to hell by Jason
51. Allison- Sliced in half at the waist with a machete
52. Elias Tompkins- Beheaded by shotgun blast
53. Professor Hon- Choked, Head caved in, & Beheaded with machete
54. Woman- Axed in the chest
55. Man- Head crushed until his brains pop out
56. Ada- Axed down through shoulder and into chest
57. Nikki- Pinned to cabin door with hunting knife
58. Sean- Arm ripped off, heart ripped out
59. Emmy- Ankle bone popped out, chainsaw through stomach and out back
60. Ashley- Speared through bed and into floor
61. Scott- Choked, macheted in groin, beheaded with machete
62. Officer Buechler- Spinal cord ripped out
63. Sgt. Zito- Knifed in head
64. Officer Miller- Beheaded with butt end of shotgun


65. Tim- Decapitated and mounted on wall by Jason
66. Melissa- Knife lodged in the head
67. Allen Christy- Hacked up with a scythe
68. Ricky- Road flare through stomach
69. Marcus- Baseball bat broken over head, knifed in back, out stomach
70. Pilot Dan Rogers- Pieces of him are found strewn in the woods
71. Agent Radisson- Back broken and head crushed against tree, impaled to tree with machete
72. Cammie- Bludgeoned to death with a hammerclaw
73. Jade- Impaled on propeller
74. Danielle- Macheted to ceiling of plane
75. Michelle- Throat slit, head sliced in half with ice skate
76. Jake- Beheaded with an ax
77. Jarrod- Head squeezed til his brains pop out
78. Rico- Shot up with a crossbow, bashed against tree five times while trapped in a tarp
79. Agent Smith- Head squeezed til his brains shot out of his head
80. Agent Martin- Macheted to death
81. Agent Crowley- Splattered by rotating propeller of plane
82. Agent Kunkle- Gored with taser, electrocuted to death


83. Tiffany- Head smashed offscreen
84. Krista- Macheted in mouth
85. Adam- Top of head sliced off
86. Jamie- Knifed in the back of the head
87. Tony- Strangled underwater
88. Ryan- Car door repeatedly slammed on his head
89. Stephanie- Chainsaw through chest and out head
90. Kisha- Impaled on wooden shards of bathroom stall
91. Norman- Blown apart by land mines
92. Drake- Bayonet in the eye
93. C.J.- Throat sliced from ear to ear
94. Alicia- Macheted through heart
95. Rebecca- Split in half with ax
96. Jordan- Gutted with knife
97. Tyrone- Cleaver in side of face
98. Jenny- Strangled with chain


99. Jarrett- Face sliced off with sickle, beheaded
100. Maggie Mae- Found dead hung from light socket, cleaver in chest
101. Jack- Garden claw in head, macheted to death
102. Officer Rodriguez- Pitchforked upside down through groin to rafters
103. Officer Morton- Head split in half with hammer claw
104. Travis- Head turned 180 degrees, neck and spine broken
105. Mandy- Pitchforked in head through roof of Jeep
106. Mayor Quincy- Macheted through one ear and out the other
107. George- Arm broken, Face chewed up on fan belt, macheted in stomach
108. Louie- Eye impaled on tree branch
109. Patty- Macheted through stomach on archery range
110. Jay- Head ripped backward off of neck, spine pushed through stomach
111. Melody- Axed through face and into porch floor
112. Slax- Knifed in back, burned to death
113. Officer Strickland- Larynx ripped out, skull crushed
114. Jamal- Arm broken, stabbed with switchblade, heart poked out with machete
115. Chief Warren- Broken in half at the waist over cabin door
116. Rob- Macheted in chest twice, shoulder dislocated, macheted through mid-section
117. Kevin- Macheted in side and chest, electrocuted to death


118. Girl- Gutted with machete
119. Boy- Macheted in half at waist
120. Mark- Head ripped off
121. Roger- Gutted with machete
122. Mr. Host- Macheted in skull
123. Mrs. Host- Macheted in chest and out back
124. Charlotte- Skewered with machete
125. Denice- Macheted to death
126. Seaver- Head split in two
127. Miller- Beheaded
128. Hall- Macheted to death
129. Operator- Shotgun blast to chest
130. Townsend- Shotgun blast to lower jaw
131. Connolly- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
132. Manny- Blown apart by grenade
133. Ronald- Blown apart by grenade
134. Joseph- Blown apart by grenade
135. Worshipper- Blown apart by grenade
136. Ortega- Perished in LAV accident
137. Howard- Shot to death
138. Acheson- Macheted in ribs; torso ripped apart
139. Marr- Throat slashed, macheted to death
140. Noon- Trachea shattered, gutted with machete
141. Lovinger- Neck broken
142. Blair- Killed offscreen
143. Garb- Macheted through chest into ground
144. Stilton- Beheaded
145. Leonard- Arm cut off, macheted in chest
146. Chaffin- Shot in face, chest by congregation
147. Don James- Shot to death by Hobb
148. Worshipper- Shot to death by Hobb
149. Sisson- Macheted in chest
150. Moseley- Blown apart by grenade
151. Worshipper- Shot while in tree, fell to death
152. Curtis Rickles- Head blown apart by Hobb
153. Meredith Host- Head split in two with machete
154. Mrs. Krenkle- Hacked to pieces
155. Mrs. Shearing- Hacked to pieces
156. Mrs. Bookwalter- Hacked to pieces
157. Long- Macheted across head, chest

HELL LAKE (2005)

158. Brian- Beheaded
159. Hailey- Beheaded
160. Josh- Garotted with motorcycle chain
161. Ricky- Laser pen through eye
162. Brad- and
163. Patti- Double impaled with broken pipe
164. Hank- Macheted to death
165. Lisa- and
166. James- Double impaled with large crucifix
167. John- Executed
168. Mary- Executed
169. Jamie- Shotgun blast to chest
170. Jock- Shotgun blast to chest
171. Harold- Gutted with spear by Trey
172. Hellion- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
173. Tina- Strangled to death
174. Marky- Slashed up with a straight razor
175. Sheriff Casey- Skinned alive
176. Diana- Bisected with machete
177. Santo- Gutted with stiletto knife
178. Paul- Gutted with stiletto knife


179. Bud- Shot in head
180. Kitty-Lou- Shot in chest
181. Kyle- Eyeballs gouged out
182. Rosen- Drowned in lake
183. Stratton- Pick to eye
184. Bobby- Skull crushed, snapped loose
185. Gina- Skull crushed
186. Denzela- Axed in throat, beheaded
187. Katherine- Shot in eye
188. Dolores- Mutilated and dismembered
189. Aidan- Mutilated and dismembered
190. Patrick- Mutilated and dismembered
191. Flanahan- Face carved up with tree-trimming saw
192. Chester- Tree-trimming saw to chest
193. Officer Hollis- Skull crushed
194. Shelly- Neck broken
195. Larry- Throat slit
196. Duke- Insides ripped out; strangled
197. Trey- Burned to death
198. McCrimmon- Shot in head
199. Halverson- Shot in head
200. Behler- Knifed in skull
201. Basket- Accidentally shot by Shona
202. Shona- Arm cut off, macheted in stomach
203. Penelope Thawn- Macheted in mouth
204. Clark- Macheted to death
205. Molly- Macheted to death
206. Jack- Macheted to death
207. Girl- Macheted to death
208. Officer Kemp- Beheaded
209. Officer Mahler- Throat sawed repeatedly
210. Rick- Macheted in groin through truck
211. Finton- Head squeezed til his eyes pop out
212. Johnny- Windpipe crushed
213. Guard- Chest impaled by pole, jaw snapped off
214. Jamie- Face crushed against wall
215. Costa- Eyes gouged in
216. Kelser- Butcher knife in forehead
217. Leah- Knifed in chest
218. Skipper- Carved up with cleaver
219. Bluestone- Skull split by cleaver
220. Guard- Nearly beheaded by cleaver
221. Woman- Throat slit
222. Greg- Top of head lopped off
223. Executive- Sliced up with cleaver
224. Carson- Arm cut off, halved with cleaver
225. Woman- Decapitated
226. April- Cleaver in stomach
227. Hotel Patron #1- Beheaded
228. Hotel Patron #2- Beheaded
229. Man- Throat crushed
230. Agent Daimler- Shot in head by Agent Van Stadt
231. Myers- Metal spike in stomach
232. Heinz- Metal spike in head
233. Man- Burnt, cleavered to death
234. Husband- Hacked up in elevator
235. Wife- Hacked up in elevator
236. Businessman- Cleaver in chest and out shoulder
237. Blonde Patron- Throat slit
238. Hotel Patron #3- and
239. Hotel Patron #4- Carved up with cleaver while asleep
240. Rosa- Mangled in bed; spine broken
241. Deputy Ryger- Legs cut off, stomach crushed
242. Sheriff Claymark- Cleaver in skull
243. Norwood Thawn- Cleaver in stomach, burnt to death
244. Paramedic #1- Killed by Jason's bare hands
245. Paramedic #2- Killed by Jason's bare hands


246. Felice- Macheted in back
247. Teresa- Head sawed off
248. Vu- Beaten to death, neck snapped
249. Whitcomb- Head bashed on rocks
250. Doctor #1- Hacked up with scalpel
251. Doctor #2- Scalpel buried in throat
252. Doctor #3- Bonesaw in face
253. Simon- Bit to death by Doctor #2
254. Banner- Bonesaw in midsection
255. Tate- Screwdriver to throat
256. Henrow- Macheted in face
257. Sissy- Eaten alive by Henrow
258. Danisha- Eaten alive
259. Salvador- Eaten alive
260. Leonor- Eaten alive
261. Liliana- Eaten alive
262. Jorge- Eaten alive
263. Nando- Eaten alive
264. Tourist #1- Eaten alive
265. Tourist #2- Eaten alive
266. Tourist #3- Eaten alive
267. Tourist #4- Eaten alive
268. Beto- Head exploded
269. Ronnie- Bit to death; shot in the head
270. Private Devore- Bit to death; beheaded
271. Private Mitchell- Bit to death; beheaded
272. Private Anderson- Shot to death
273. Travis- Garotted with cable
274. Lindy- Stabbed to death
275. Teen #1- Stabbed to death
276. Teen #2- Stabbed to death
277. Marty- Beheaded
278. Sara- Beheaded
279. Manuel- Gutted with machete
280. Annie- Macheted in face
281. Cheryl- Arm chopped off, stabbed in eye
282. Bob- Bit to death by Manuel
283. Larry- Bit to death
284. Man- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
285. Tourist- Beheaded with machete
286. Farmer- Head lopped off with machete
287. Earth- Bit to death
288. Layla- Bit to death
289. Man- Legs shot off
290. Smoke- Throat impaled by broken windshield wiper
291. Tig- Leg broken, shot in head
292. Marlowe- Pitchfork in throat
293. Val- Burned to death
294. Stella- Bit to death; beheaded
295. Julia- Halved with machete
296. Dr. Cain- Shot to death
297. Kenworth- Mangled by Jason
298. R.J.- Head chopped off
299. Dina- Glass shards in eyes
300. Stewardess #1- Shard of bottle in face
301. Stewardess #2- Hacked up with machete; beheaded
302. Caleb- Macheted in neck
303. Butch- Died in plane crash


304. Enoch- Hot coal in mouth, cleaver to throat
305. Ma- Burned to death in fireplace
306. Francis- Poker to thigh, skull stomped
307. Pa- Burned to death
308. Z-Moll- Impaled on tree branch, body ripped apart
309. Trick- Choked to death on cell phone
310. Carlton- Shot in head
311. Thug #1- Shot in head
312. Thug #2- Shot to death
313. Swinburne- Hunting knife in the stomach
314. George Witney- Window pane shattered over head; eyes punctured
315. Sparx- Eyes punctured and gouged out
316. Vincenzo- Eyes punctured and gouged out
317. Judge- Hunting knife to the stomach
318. Kenton- Speared in back, out abdomen
319. Jones- Shot to death by Morgas
320. Glo- Beheaded
321. Minter- Spade in back of head and face
322. Sheriff Haslip- Shot in forehead by Tolleson
323. Kyler- Strangled, tortured to death
324. Band Member #1- Arc lamp over head
325. Band Member #2- Throat slashed with cymball
326. Band Member #3- Strangled to death
327. Band Member #4- Hot plug rammed into eye
328. Producer- Strangled with cord on headphones
329. Tolleson- Shot to death
330. Morgas- Throat punctured, tortured to death
331. Veranti- and
332. Jaomi- Double-impaled with microphone stand
333. Ross Feratu- Head squeezed til brains pop out


334. Sawyer Orestes- Dismembered
335. Mara- Hacked to pieces with a machete
336. Estelle- Beheaded, hacked to pieces
337. Dino- Macheted, burned to death
338. Moe Keller- Macheted, burned to death
339. Lou- Macheted, burned to death
340. Wilco- Macheted, burned to death
341. Ybarra- Macheted, burned to death
342. Fowler- Macheted, burned to death
343. Flower- Macheted, burned to death
344. Ferrell- Macheted, burned to death
345. Protestor #1- Macheted, burned to death
346. Protestor #2- Macheted, burned to death
347. Protestor #3- Macheted, burned to death
348. Protestor #4- Macheted, burned to death
349. Protestor #5- Macheted, burned to death
350. Protestor #6- Macheted, burned to death
351. Protestor #7- Macheted, burned to death
352. Protestor #8- Macheted, burned to death
353. Guard #1- Macheted, burned to death
354. Guard #2- Macheted, burned to death
355. Kid- Macheted, burned to death
356. LeBlanc Tousignant- Shot by guard trying to escape
357. Linda Numinen- Strangled to death
358. Hyacinth Stein- Arms ripped off, bled to death
359. Alonzo- Died as test subject for cloning
360. Kray- Died as test subject for cloning
361. Powell- Died as test subject for cloning


362. Savini- Groin chopped off
363. Fedor Stanislav- Throat ripped out
364. Crew 1- Macheted in face, eyes split in half
365. Crew 2- Top of head lopped off
366. Miles- Stomped, insides crushed
367. Emery- Mutilated and dismembered on Planet 666
368. Felicity- Heart ripped out on Planet 666
369. Andre- Hand knocked off, body flattened against wall
370. Brandi- Macheted in heart
371. Renata- Hacked to pieces with machete
372. Bella- Macheted in half at waist
373. Akako- Insides ripped out, needle in neck, hacked to pieces
374. Helmet- Hand exploded, sucked into space
375. Bill- Foot split in two, neck broken, face mangled
376. Bardox- Arm ripped off, skull crushed


377. Hopkins- Beheaded with machete
378. Todd- Macheted to death
379. Soldier #1- Hacked to pieces with machete
380. Soldier #2- Hacked to pieces with machete
381. Soldier #3- Hacked to pieces with machete
382. Soldier #4- Hacked to pieces with machete
383. Soldier #5- Hacked to pieces with machete
384. Thomas- Mutilated with machete
385. Cassandra- Mutilated by mechanical spiders
386. Gupta- Mutilated by mechanical spiders
387. Lakshmi- Mutilated by mechanical spiders
388. Maxell- Mutilated by mechanical spiders
389. Townsend- Mutilated by mechanical spiders
390. Allessandra- Heart ripped out, drowned
391. Jack- Hatchet to forehead
392. Tobe- Garotted with razor wire
393. Shelley- Cryogenically frozen to death
394. Oskar- Mutilated and dismembered
395. Sturgeon- Head twisted off
396. Lisa- Beheaded
397. Samantha- Mangled and dismembered
398. Yvonne- Mangled and dismembered
399. Busch- Hacked up with machete
400. Nijinsky- Hacked up with machete
401. Fosse- Hacked up with machete
402. Helga- Head blown apart by JJ
403. Brandon- Beheaded
404. Castillo- Mirror shards in eyes
405. Darcy- Jason's fist through his face
406. Robertson- Beheaded


407. Joe- Immolated on exploding shuttle
408. Frank- Larynx crushed, macheted in half
409. Prat- Macheted in half at head
410. Con #1- Macheted in chest
411. Con #2- Macheted in groin
412. Con #3- Macheted in eyeball
413. Crully- Arms chopped off, immolated by exploding bullet
414. Con #4- Split in two with machete
415. Con #5- Skull split open
416. Con #6- Legs lopped off
417. Amanda- Throat slit by Guy
418. Guy- Beaten to death by J.J.
419. Herbert- Severe head trauma, later found mutilated
420. Rapist- Body ripped apart by Jason
421. Bailey- Macheted in midsection, split in two
422. Mohammed- Arms, legs ripped off
423. Blister- Impaled in back, burnt to death
424. Tiny- Spine sliced open by Viper
425. Guard- Neck snapped by J.J.
426. Eddie- Head smashed with glass bottle
427. Thug #1- Macheted in chest
428. Thug #2- Macheted in chest
429. Thug #3- Macheted in stomach
430. Thug #4- Macheted in groin
431. Thug #5- Feet chopped off
432. Thug #6- Body smashed off of ground
433. Thug #7- Macheted in ribs, groin, legs lopped off
434. Thug $8- Heart stabbed out
435. Viper- Disemboweled with machete
436. Brad- and
437. Lynda- Double-impaling through bed with machete
438. J.J.- Body severed in two lengthwise
439. Skye- Throat slit, glass shards in eye


440. Coroner Carey- Probe to stomach, disemboweled
441. Guadalupe- Strangled to death with boa
442. Deputy Marlin- Macheted in back and out chest
443. Deputy Campbell- Mail spear to eye
444. Hobo- Neck snapped and head ripped off
445. Will- Bowie knife in stomach
446. Deputy Justin- Head split in two with machete
447. Townie #1- Beheaded with machete
448. Townie #2- Beheaded with machete
449. Townie #3- Beheaded with machete
450. Townie #4- Beheaded with machete
451. Townie #5- Beheaded with machete
452. Biker- Hand crushed, macheted in stomach
453. Shane- Impaled with club, beheaded with machete
454. Deputy Cort- Bowie knife to sternum
455. Lilleth- Axed in head
456. Bessie- Tent spike up nose into brain; later decapitated
457. Jamal- Macheted in back, split in half
458. Officer Marshack- Macheted in stomach, back broken
459. Julius- Tent spike in chest
460. Phil Raman- Possessed by Jason, Died from wounds and sacrificed to hell
461. Lewis Vendredi- Heart ripped out
462. Shawn- Macheted in back, head split in half
463. Trooper Bennerson- Head snapped around, neck broken
464. Trooper Culligan- Macheted in throat and out neck
465. Officer Perkins- Spine severed, macheted in half at waist
466. Trooper Turner- Accidentally shot to death by friendly fire
467. Officer Colby- Head smashed in against door
468. Trooper Christopher- Macheted in hand, head split in half
469. Trooper- Macheted in half at waist
470. Sheriff Landis- Burned to death


*In 'The Carnival', there were several anonymous people also fried on the electric fence, and others who died when the entire carnival went up in flames.

*In 'Church Of The Divine Psychopath', there were an indeterminant amount of people killed at the church massacre, and numerous deaths at an early gun battle, but since it didn't involve Jason, it doesn't count in the official tally.

*In 'Hell Lake', there were an indeterminant amount of people killed at the prison, when Jason showed up and mowed them down like flies.

*In 'Hate-Kill-Repeat', there were an indeterminant amount of people either burnt or killed at the hotel, including patrons, staff and guards.

*In 'The Jason Strain', it's impossible to determine how many people were infected or killed as a result of the virus.

*In 'Carnival of Maniacs', it's impossible to determine how many people were killed in town or at the carnival as a result of Jason.

*In 'Jason X: The Experiment', there were an indeterminant amount of soldiers and people killed both in the destruction of the power plant, and then the aftermath.

*In 'Jason X: Planet Of The Beast', 110 crew members on the Black Star 13 died, but there is no way to know how many were actually killed by Jason and how many died on impact on Planet 666. Also, there were five soldiers killed in a swamp, but they were part of an infamous Bella 'campfire' story.

*In 'Jason X: Death Moon', there were an indeterminant number of people killed on both the Moon Base and Moon Camp Americana, including various military and other innocent victims.

*In 'Jason X: To The Third Power', there were an indeterminant number of people killed on Elysium. According to the prisoners, there were over 100 plus the ones stuck on the sling, but there is no way to tell the exact total.

*In 'The Mask Of Jason Voorhees', it is impossible to count how many townsfolk were butchered by the possessed Phil Raman or how many officers were cut down by Jason using his tent spikes in the woods. The deaths listed were only those specifically mentioned.

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