1. Felice- Macheted in back
2. Teresa- Head sawed off
3. Vu- Beaten to death, neck snapped
4. Whitcomb- Head bashed on rocks
5. Doctor #1- Hacked up with scalpel
6. Doctor #2- Scalpel buried in throat
7. Doctor #3- Bonesaw in face
8. Simon- Bit to death by Doctor #2
9. Banner- Bonesaw in midsection
10. Tate- Screwdriver to throat
11. Henrow- Macheted in face
12. Sissy- Eaten alive by Henrow
13. Danisha- Eaten alive
14. Salvador- Eaten alive
15. Leonor- Eaten alive
16. Liliana- Eaten alive
17. Jorge- Eaten alive
18. Nando- Eaten alive
19. Tourist #1- Eaten alive
20. Tourist #2- Eaten alive
21. Tourist #3- Eaten alive
22. Tourist #4- Eaten alive
23. Beto- Head exploded
24. Ronnie- Bit to death; shot in the head
25. Private Devore- Bit to death; beheaded
26. Private Mitchell- Bit to death; beheaded
27. Private Anderson- Shot to death
28. Travis- Garotted with cable
29. Lindy- Stabbed to death
30. Teen #1- Stabbed to death
31. Teen #2- Stabbed to death
32. Marty- Beheaded
33. Sara- Beheaded
34. Manuel- Gutted with machete
35. Annie- Macheted in face
36. Cheryl- Arm chopped off, stabbed in eye
37. Bob- Bit to death by Manuel
38. Larry- Bit to death
39. Man- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
40. Tourist- Beheaded with machete
41. Farmer- Head lopped off with machete
42. Earth- Bit to death
43. Layla- Bit to death
44. Man- Legs shot off
45. Smoke- Throat impaled by broken windshield wiper
46. Tig- Leg broken, shot in head
47. Marlowe- Pitchfork in throat
48. Val- Burned to death
49. Stella- Bit to death; beheaded
50. Julia- Halved with machete
51. Dr. Cain- Shot to death
52. Kenworth- Mangled by Jason
53. R.J.- Head chopped off
54. Dina- Glass shards in eyes
55. Stewardess #1- Shard of bottle in face
56. Stewardess #2- Hacked up with machete; beheaded
57. Caleb- Macheted in neck
58. Butch- Died in plane crash

*NOTE: It's impossible to determine how many people were infected or killed as a result of the virus.

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