1. Savini- Groin chopped off
2. Fedor Stanislav- Throat ripped out
3. Crew 1- Macheted in face, eyes split in half
4. Crew 2- Top of head lopped off
5. Miles- Stomped, insides crushed
6. Emery- Mutilated and dismembered on Planet 666
7. Felicity- Heart ripped out on Planet 666
8. Andre- Hand knocked off, body flattened against wall
9. Brandi- Macheted in heart
10. Renata- Hacked to pieces with machete
11. Bella- Macheted in half at waist
12. Akako- Insides ripped out, needle in neck, hacked to pieces
13. Helmet- Hand exploded, sucked into space
14. Bill- Foot split in two, neck broken, face mangled
15. Bardox- Arm ripped off, skull crushed

*NOTE: There were 110 crew members on the Black Star 13, but there is no way to know how many were actually killed by Jason and how many died on impact on Planet 666. Also, there were five soldiers killed in a swamp, but they were part of an infamous Bella 'campfire' story.

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