Total Number Dead: 222

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FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

1. Jason (Ari Lehman)- Drowned in Crystal Lake
2. Barry (Willie Adams)- Knifed in the stomach
3. Claudette (Debra S. Hayes)- Knifed offscreen
4. Annie (Robbi Morgan)- Throat slashed with a hunting knife
5. Ned (Mark Nelson)- Throat slit offscreen
6. Jack (Kevin Bacon)- Arrow through his bed and his neck and repeatedly turned
7. Marcie (Jeannine Taylor)- Axed in the face
8. Brenda (Laurie Bartram)- Killed offscreen, later thrown through a window
9. Steve Christy (Peter Brouwer)- Hunting knife in the stomach
10. Bill (Harry Crosby)- Pinned to a door with arrows
11. Mrs. Voorhees (Betsy Palmer)- Decapitated with a machete by Alice


12. Alice (Adrienne King)- Stabbed in the temple with an icepick
13. Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney)- Garotted with barbed wire
14. Muffin (Terry's Dog)- Found mangled in the woods by Jeff and Sandra
15. Officer Winslow (Jack Marks)- Hammer claw in the head
16. Scott (Russell Todd)- Macheted in throat while hanging in a snare
17. Terry (Kirsten Baker)- Killed offscreen
18. Mark (Tom McBride)- Macheted in the face
19. Jeff (Bill Randolph)- and
20. Sandra (Marta Kober)- Double impaling with a spear through their bed
21. Vickie (Lauren-Marie Taylor)- Stabbed with butcher knife
22. Paul (John Furey)- Disappears, presumed dead


23. Harold (Steve Susskind)- Cleaver in the chest
24. Edna (Cheri Maugans)- Knitting needle in the back of the head
25. Fox (Gloria Charles)- Pitchforked through the neck onto a rafter
26. Loco (Kevin O'Brien)- Pitchforked in the stomach and out his back
27. Vera (Catherine Parks)- Speargunned in the eye
28. Andy (Jeffrey Rogers)- Macheted in half while walking on his hands
29. Debbie (Tracie Savage)- Knifed from beneath her hammock
30. Andy & Debbie's Child- Died in womb when Debbie was killed
31. Shelly (Larry Zerner)- Throat slashed offscreen, later dies from blood loss
32. Chuck (David Katims)- Electrocuted on a fuse box
33. Chili (Rachel Howard)- Fireplace poker through the chest and out her back
34. Rick (Paul Kratka)- Head squeezed until his eye pops out
35. Ali (Nick Savage)- Bludgeoned with a wrench; later macheted to death


36. Axel (Bruce Mahler)- Surgical hacksaw to the throat; neck broken
37. Nurse Morgan (Lisa Freeman)- Gutted with a scalpel
38. Hitchhiker (Bonnie Hellman)- Knifed through the neck and out throat
39. Samantha (Judie Aronson)- Knifed through a raft
40. Paul (Alan Hayes)- Speared in the groin
41. Terri (Carey More)- Speared in the back
42. Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman)- Killed offscreen
43. Jimmy (Crispin Glover)- Corkscrew in the hand, cleaver in the face
44. Tina (Camilla More)- Thrown through a window, lands dead on a parked car
45. Ted (Lawrence Monoson)- Knifed in the head through a movie screen
46. Doug (Peter Barton)- Face crushed, knifed to wall through neck
47. Sara (Barbara Howard)- Axed in the chest through a door
48. Rob (E. Erich Anderson)- Clawed to death with garden harrow
49. Jason (Ted White)- Macheted to death by Tommy


50. Neil (Tod Bryant)- Macheted in Tommy's dream
51. Les (Curtis Conaway)- Icepick in the neck in Tommy's dream
52. Joey (Dominick Brascia)- Hacked up with an ax
53. Vinnie (Anthony Barrile)- Road flare in the mouth
54. Pete (Corey Parker)- Throat slit with a machete
55. Billy (Bob de Simone)- Axed in the back of the head
56. Lana (Rebecca Wood-Sharkey)- Axed in the chest
57. Raymond (Sonny Shields)- Hunting knife in the stomach
58. Tina (Debbisue Voorhees)- Garden shears in the eyes
59. Eddie (John Robert Dixon)- Head crushed against tree with a leather strap
60. Anita (Jere Fields)- Found by Demon with throat slashed
61. Demon (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.)- Speared through an outhouse wall
62. Junior (Ron Sloan)- Decapitated with a cleaver while riding his motorbike
63. Ethel (Carol Locatell)- Cleaver in the face, drowns in her own stew
64. Jake (Jerry Pavlon)- Cleaver in the face
65. Robin (Juliette Cummins)- Macheted from beneath bed
66. Violet (Tiffany Helm)- Macheted in the stomach
67. Duke (Caskey Swaim)- Found in his ambulance by Pam and Reggie with his throat slit
68. Matt (Richard Young)- Throat slit, pinned to tree with railroad spike through his head
69. George (Vernon Washington)- Eyes gouged out, thrown through a window
70. Roy (Dick Wieand)- Impaled on a tractor harrow
71. Pam (Melanie Kinnaman)- Macheted in stomach in Tommy's dream


72. Allen Hawes (Ron Palillo)- Heart ripped out
73. Darren (Tony Goldwyn)- Impaled on a spear and tossed aside
74. Lizbeth (Nancy McLoughlin)- Speared through the mouth
75. Burt (Wallace Merck)- Arm ripped off, impaled on a tree branch
76. Stan (Matthew Faison)- and
77. Katie (Ann Ryerson)- and
78. Larry (Alan Blumenfeld)- Triple decapitation with a machete
79. Martin (Bob Larkin)- Broken bottle to throat, macheted to death
80. Steven (Roger Rose)- and
81. Annette (Cynthia Kania)- Double impalement with a machete on their motorcycle
82. Nikki (Darcy DeMoss)- Face crushed into RV wall
83. Cort (Tom Fridley)- Hunting knife in the head
84. Roy (Whitney Rydbeck)- Pieces of him are found strewn in the woods
85. Sissy (Renee Jones)- Head ripped off
86. Paula (Kerry Noonan)- Hacked up with a machete
87. Officer Thornton (Michael Nomad)- Dart in the forehead
88. Officer Pappas (Michael Swan)- Head crushed in Jason's bare hands
89. Sheriff Garris (David Kagen)- Broken in half


90. John Shepard (John Otrin)- Drowned in Crystal Lake
91. Jane (Staci Greason)- Tent spike in the neck, impaled to a tree
92. Michael (William Butler)- Tent spike thrown into his back
93. Dan (Michael Schroeder)- Jason's hand through his body, neck broken
94. Judy (Debora Kessler)- Bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag
95. Russell (Larry Cox)- Axed in the face
96. Sandra (Heidi Kozak)- Pulled underwater and drowned
97. Maddy (Diana Barrows)- Scythe in the neck
98. Ben (Craig Thomas)- Head crushed in Jason's bare hands
99. Kate (Diana Almeida)- Party horn in the eye
100. David (Jon Renfield)- Butcher knife in the stomach, beheaded offscreen
101. Eddie (Jeff Bennett)- Machete wedged into his neck
102. Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan)- Thrown through a window, lands dead on the ground
103. Mrs. Shepard (Susan Blu)- Speared from behind
104. Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser)- Tree-trimming saw to the stomach
105. Melissa (Susan Jennifer Sullivan)- Axed in the face


106. Jim (Todd Shaffer)- Impaled with a spear gun
107. Suzi (Tiffany Paulsen)- Stabbed with a spear
108. J.J. (Saffron Henderson)- Bashed in the head with her electric guitar
109. Boxer (David Jacox)- Hot sauna rock in the chest
110. Tamara (Sharlene Martin)- Stabbed with a mirror shard
111. Jim Carlson (Fred Henderson)- Harpooned in the back
112. Admiral Robertson (Warren Munson)- Throat slit with a machete
113. Eva (Kelly Hu)- Strangled to death
114. Crew Member (uncredited)- Accidentally shot by Wayne
115. Wayne (Martin Cummins)- Electrocuted on a control panel, burned to death
116. Miles (Gordon Currie)- Impaled on a deck post
117. Student #1 (uncredited)- Drowned offscreen in flooded restaurant
118. Student #2 (uncredited)- Drowned offscreen in flooded restaurant
119. Student #3 (uncredited)- Drowned offscreen in flooded restaurant
120. Student #4 (uncredited)- Drowned offscreen in flooded restaurant
121. Student #5 (uncredited)- Drowned offscreen in flooded restaurant
122. Deck Hand (Alex Diakun)- Axed in the back
123. Gang Banger #1 (Sam Sarkar)- Stabbed in the back with his own syringe
124. Gang Banger #2 (Michael Benyaer)- Head bashed and scalded on a steam pipe
125. Julius (V.C. Dupree)- Head punched off
126. Cop (Roger Barnes)- Dragged into an alley and killed offscreen
127. Colleen Van Deusen (Barbara Bingham)- Immolated in exploding police car
128. Charles McCulloch (Peter Mark Richman)- Drowned in a barrel of sewage
129. Sanitation Worker (David Longworth)- Bludgeoned with a wrench


130. Jason (Kane Hodder)- Shot repeatedly by FBI, body blown apart into pieces
131. Coroner (Richard Gant)- Eats Jason's heart, dies and becomes possessed
132. Coroner's Assistant (Dean Lorey)- Autopsy probe in the back of the head, face through metal grating
133. FBI Agent #1 (Tony Ervolina)- Pencil through his spinal cord
134. FBI Agent #2 (Kane Hodder)- Coroner's fingers through his skull
135. Victim #1 (uncredited)- Killed offscreen by Coroner en route to Crystal Lake
136. Victim #2 (uncredited)- Killed offscreen by Coroner en route to Crystal Lake
137. Victim #3 (uncredited)- Killed offscreen by Coroner en route to Crystal Lake
138. Victim #4 (uncredited)- Killed offscreen by Coroner en route to Crystal Lake
139. Victim #5 (uncredited)- Killed offscreen by Coroner en route to Crystal Lake
140. Alexis (Kathryn Atwood)- Slashed up with a straight razor
141. Deborah (Michelle Clunie)- Stabbed through the back with a railroad spike and then ripped in half
142. Luke (Michael Silver)- Head crushed offscreen by Coroner
143. Edna (Diana Georger)- Head slammed in a car door
144. Josh (Andrew Bloch)- Possessed by Jason, shot in the head and impaled with a poker, later melts away
145. Diana (Erin Gray)- Knife-sharpening pole in the back
146. Robert Campbell (Steven Culp)- Possessed by Jason, shot repeatedly, impaled on a barbecue skewer
147. Officer Ryan (Madelon Curtis)- Head bashed against a locker
148. Officer Mark (Mark Thompson)- and
149. Officer Brian (Brian Phelps)- Heads bashed together
150. Ward (Adam Cranner)- Arm broken apart, falls dead through diner doors
151. Diner Patron (uncredited)- Crushed through diner divider, accidentally shot by Vicki
152. Shelby (Leslie Jordan)- Burned to death on a deep fat fryer
153. Joey B. (Rusty Schwimmer)- Face bashed in
154. Vicki (Allison Smith)- Impaled on a barbecue skewer, head crushed by Robert
155. Sheriff Landis (Billy Green Bush)- Accidentally stabbed with the dagger by Jessica
156. Randy (Kipp Marcus)- Possessed by Jason, his neck is later severed with a machete by Steven
157. Creighton Duke (Steven Williams)- Crushed to death by Jason, back broken

JASON X (2002)

158. Private Johnson (Jeff Geddis)- Head crushed offscreen
159. Guard #1 (uncredited)- Bashed with a pipe
160. Guard #2 (uncredited)- Accidentally shot by Guard #3
161. Guard #3 (uncredited)- Forced to shoot Guard #2 by Jason, strangled
162. Guard #4 (uncredited)- Accidentally shot by Guard #4
163. Guard #5 (uncredited)- Forced to shoot Guard #4 by Jason, strangled
164. Dr. Wimmer (David Cronenberg)- Pole through back and out chest
165. Sgt. Marcus (Markus Parilo)- Died from multiple injuries sustained offscreen
166. Adrienne (Kristi Angus)- Head cryogenically frozen, smashed into pieces on countertop
167. Stoney (Yani Gellman)- Macheted through stomach and out back, strangled
168. Azrael (Dov Tiefenbach)- Back broken
169. Dallas (Todd Farmer)- Head crushed against wall
170. Sven (Thomas Seniuk)- Neck broken
171. Condor (Steve Lucescu)- Impaled on spiral antenna, slides to death
172. Geko (Amanda Brugel)- Throat slit with machete
173. Kicker (Dylan Bierk)- Macheted in half at the waist
174. Briggs (Barna Moricz)- Impaled on anchor
175. Lou (Boyd Banks)- Dismembered with machete
176. Dieter Perez (Robert A. Silverman)- Immolated in destruction of the Solaris Research Station
177. Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts)- Beheaded offscreen
178. Crutch (Phillip Williams)- Face crushed on electrical panel, electrocuted
179. Kinsa (Melody Johnson)- Immolated in exploding ship
180. Jason (Kane Hodder)- Shot to death, blown apart by Kay-Em, macheted in chest
181. Waylander (Derwin Jordan)- Immolated in explosion of bridge
182. Janessa (Melyssa Ade)- Body sucked through metal grating
183. VR Teen Girl #1 (Kaye Penaflor)- Bashed off of Camper #2 while in her sleeping bag
184. VR Teen Girl #2 (Tania Maro)- Bashed off of Camper #1 and a tree, while in her sleeping bag
185. Sgt. Brodski (Peter Mensah)- Immolated in atmosphere while crashing to Earth 2 with Jason


186. Lori's Mother (Sharon Peters)- Clawed in stomach by Freddy
187. Bobby (Zack Ward)- Slit own wrists
188. Heather (Odessa Munroe)- Macheted to tree in Jason's dream
189. Trey (Jesse Hutch)- Macheted to death, folded up backward in bed; back broken
190. Blake's Father (Brent Chapman)- Beheaded
191. Blake (David Kopp)- Macheted to death offscreen
192. Gibb (Katharine Isabelle)- Impaled with a pipe while asleep
193. Frisell (Alex Green)- Impaled with a pipe, launched aside
194. Teammate (Colby Johannson)- Head spun around; neck broken
195. Shack (Chris Gauthier)- Flaming machete through back and out stomach
196. Partier #1 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
197. Partier #2 (uncredited)- Macheted in stomach
198. Partier #3 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
199. Partier #4 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
200. Partier #5 (uncredited)- Macheted in stomach
201. Partier #6 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
202. Partier #7 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
203. Mark (Brendan Fletcher)- Clawed in the face by Freddy, burned to death
204. Asylum Guard (Tony Willett)- Crushed by steel door offscreen
205. Deputy Stubbs (Lochlyn Munro)- Electrocuted to death
206. Freeburg (Kyle Labine)- Possessed by Freddy, macheted in half at the waist by Jason
207. Linderman (Chris Marquette)- Impaled on wall bracket, died from blood loss
208. Kia (Kelly Rowland)- Furiously macheted against tree

FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

209. Mrs. Voorhees (Nana Visitor)- Beheaded with machete by counselor
210. Wade (Jonathan Sadowski)- Macheted to death
211. Amanda (America Olivo)- Suffocated to death inside burning sleeping bag
212. Mike (Nick Mennell)- Macheted multiple times through floorboards
213. Richie (Ben Feldman)- Leg caught in bear trap, macheted in head
214. Donnie (Kyle Davis)- Throat slashed with machete
215. Nolan (Ryan Hansen)- Arrow through head
216. Chelsea (Willa Ford)- Accidentally hit by boat, macheted in head through pier
217. Chewie (Aaron Yoo)- Screwdriver through throat
218. Lawrence (Arlen Escarpeta)- Hatchet in back
219. Bree (Julianna Guill)- Impaled on deer rack, accidentally shot by Trent, thrown onto car
220. Officer Bracke (Richard Burgi)- Fireplace poker through eye
221. Trent (Travis Van Winkle)- Gutted with machete, impaled on hay baler
222. Jenna (Danielle Panabaker)- Macheted in back and out chest


*In 'Friday The 13th' (1980), the counselors also found a snake in one of the cabins, and Bill quickly hacked it up with a machete.

*In an alternate ending of 'The Final Chapter', Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman) is found dead in a bathtub by Trish.

*In an alternate ending of 'Jason Lives', Martin (Bob Larkin) survives and is overseeing the care of Jason's grave, as well as Mrs. Voorhees. He is then met by Elias Voorhees, Jason's father, and paid for his services.

*In an alternate version of 'The New Blood', Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan) is macheted in half at the waist instead of being thrown out a window, and Eddie (Jeff Bennett) is completely beheaded.

*In 'Jason Takes Manhattan', there were approximately 20-30 students left to die on the Lazarus as the burning ship sank. In addition, the boxer (David Jacox) originally got darts in the eyes instead of the sauna rock to the chest, Tamara (Sharlene Martin) was stabbed to death with several mirror shards, and a diner worker (Ken Kirzinger) was thrown against a mirror, but that kill was unconfirmed.

*In 'Jason Goes To Hell', there was a scene cut in which Vicki's boyfriend David (Jonathan Panner) had his head bashed against a faucet, but this was cut from the theatrical release. In addition, a police officer (Adam Marcus) was thrown over a counter by Robert, but that kill was unconfirmed.

*In 'Jason X', it was impossible to determine how many people died in the destruction of the Solaris Research Station. The only confirmed kill there was Dieter Perez (Robert A. Silverman), who Professor Lowe directly dialed on his computer earlier in the film. There were also several "kills" involved in an alien simulation, all of which don't count on the official tally.

*In 'Freddy Vs. Jason', it is impossible to determine how many partiers were killed at the corn field rave. We've only listed the 7 caught onscreen. In addition, the deaths of Bobby (Zack Ward) and Lori's Mother (Sharon Peters) occurred prior to the events of the film.

*In 'Friday The 13th (2009)', there was an alternate kill scene filmed where Jason totally beheads Donnie (Kyle Davis), and removes the hockey mask from his severed head. This was changed, as the producers felt they needed a more iconic scene showing Jason get his mask.

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