1. Tim- Decapitated and mounted on wall by Jason
2. Melissa- Knife lodged in the head
3. Allen Christy- Hacked up with a scythe
4. Ricky- Road flare through stomach
5. Marcus- Baseball bat broken over head, knifed in back, out stomach
6. Pilot Dan Rogers- Pieces of him are found strewn in the woods
7. Agent Radisson- Back broken and head crushed against tree, impaled to tree with machete
8. Cammie- Bludgeoned to death with a hammerclaw
9. Jade- Impaled on propeller
10. Danielle- Macheted to ceiling of plane
11. Michelle- Throat slit, head sliced in half with ice skate
12. Jake- Beheaded with an ax
13. Jarrod- Head squeezed til his brains pop out
14. Rico- Shot up with a crossbow, bashed against tree five times while trapped in a tarp
15. Agent Smith- Head squeezed til his brains shot out of his head
16. Agent Martin- Macheted to death
17. Agent Crowley- Splattered by rotating propeller of plane
18. Agent Kunkle- Gored with taser, electrocuted to death

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