1. Enoch- Hot coal in mouth, cleaver to throat
2. Ma- Burned to death in fireplace
3. Francis- Poker to thigh, skull stomped
4. Pa- Burned to death
5. Z-Moll- Impaled on tree branch, body ripped apart
6. Trick- Choked to death on cell phone
7. Carlton- Shot in head
8. Thug #1- Shot in head
9. Thug #2- Shot to death
10. Swinburne- Hunting knife in the stomach
11. George Witney- Window pane shattered over head; eyes punctured
12. Sparx- Eyes punctured and gouged out
13. Vincenzo- Eyes punctured and gouged out
14. Judge- Hunting knife to the stomach
15. Kenton- Speared in back, out abdomen
16. Jones- Shot to death by Morgas
17. Glo- Beheaded
18. Minter- Spade in back of head and face
19. Sheriff Haslip- Shot in forehead by Tolleson
20. Kyler- Strangled, tortured to death
21. Band Member #1- Arc lamp over head
22. Band Member #2- Throat slashed with cymball
23. Band Member #3- Strangled to death
24. Band Member #4- Hot plug rammed into eye
25. Producer- Strangled with cord on headphones
26. Tolleson- Shot to death
27. Morgas- Throat punctured, tortured to death
28. Veranti- and
29. Jaomi- Double-impaled with microphone stand
30. Ross Feratu- Head squeezed until his brains pop out

*NOTE: It's impossible to determine how many people were killed in town or at the carnival as a result of Jason.

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