1. Coroner Carey- Probe to stomach, disemboweled
2. Guadalupe- Strangled to death with boa
3. Deputy Marlin- Macheted in back and out chest
4. Deputy Campbell- Mail spear to eye
5. Hobo- Neck snapped and head ripped off
6. Will- Bowie knife in stomach
7. Deputy Justin- Head split in two with machete
8. Townie #1- Beheaded with machete
9. Townie #2- Beheaded with machete
10. Townie #3- Beheaded with machete
11. Townie #4- Beheaded with machete
12. Townie #5- Beheaded with machete
13. Biker- Hand crushed, macheted in stomach
14. Shane- Impaled with club, beheaded with machete
15. Deputy Cort- Bowie knife to sternum
16. Lilleth- Axed in head
17. Bessie- Tent spike up nose into brain; later decapitated
18. Jamal- Macheted in back, split in half
19. Officer Marshack- Macheted in stomach, back broken
20. Julius- Tent spike in chest
21. Phil Raman- Possessed by Jason, Died from wounds and sacrificed to hell
22. Lewis Vendredi- Heart ripped out
23. Shawn- Macheted in back, head split in half
24. Trooper Bennerson- Head snapped around, neck broken
25. Trooper Culligan- Macheted in throat and out neck
26. Officer Perkins- Spine severed, macheted in half at waist
27. Trooper Turner- Accidentally shot to death by friendly fire
28. Officer Colby- Head smashed in against door
29. Trooper Christopher- Macheted in hand, head split in half
30. Trooper- Macheted in half at waist
31. Sheriff Landis- Burned to death

*NOTE: It is impossible to count how many townsfolk were butchered by the possessed Phil Raman or how many officers were cut down by Jason using his tent spikes in the woods. The deaths listed were only those specifically mentioned.

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