1. Girl- Gutted with machete
2. Boy- Macheted in half at waist
3. Mark- Head ripped off
4. Roger- Gutted with machete
5. Mr. Host- Macheted in skull
6. Mrs. Host- Macheted in chest and out back
7. Charlotte- Skewered with machete
8. Denice- Macheted to death
9. Seaver- Head split in two
10. Miller- Beheaded
11. Hall- Macheted to death
12. Operator- Shotgun blast to chest
13. Townsend- Shotgun blast to lower jaw
14. Connolly- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
15. Manny- Blown apart by grenade
16. Ronald- Blown apart by grenade
17. Joseph- Blown apart by grenade
18. Worshipper- Blown apart by grenade
19. Ortega- Perished in LAV accident
20. Howard- Shot to death
21. Acheson- Macheted in ribs; torso ripped apart
22. Marr- Throat slashed, macheted to death
23. Noon- Trachea shattered, gutted with machete
24. Lovinger- Neck broken
25. Blair- Killed offscreen
26. Garb- Macheted through chest into ground
27. Stilton- Beheaded
28. Leonard- Arm cut off, macheted in chest
29. Chaffin- Shot in face, chest by congregation
30. Don James- Shot to death by Hobb
31. Worshipper- Shot to death by Hobb
32. Sisson- Macheted in chest
33. Moseley- Blown apart by grenade
34. Worshipper- Shot while in tree, fell to death
35. Curtis Rickles- Head blown apart by Hobb
36. Meredith Host- Head split in two with machete
37. Mrs. Krenkle- Hacked to pieces
38. Mrs. Shearing- Hacked to pieces
39. Mrs. Bookwalter- Hacked to pieces
40. Long- Macheted across head, chest

*NOTE: There were an indeterminant amount of people killed at the church massacre, and numerous deaths at an early gun battle, but since it didn't involve Jason, it doesn't count in the official tally.

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