1. Joe- Immolated on exploding shuttle
2. Frank- Larynx crushed, macheted in half
3. Prat- Macheted in half at head
4. Con #1- Macheted in chest
5. Con #2- Macheted in groin
6. Con #3- Macheted in eyeball
7. Crully- Arms chopped off, immolated by exploding bullet
8. Con #4- Split in two with machete
9. Con #5- Skull split open
10. Con #6- Legs lopped off
11. Amanda- Throat slit by Guy
12. Guy- Beaten to death by J.J.
13. Herbert- Severe head trauma, later found mutilated
14. Rapist- Body ripped apart by Jason
15. Bailey- Macheted in midsection, split in two
16. Mohammed- Arms, legs ripped off
17. Blister- Impaled in back, burnt to death
18. Tiny- Spine sliced open by Viper
19. Guard- Neck snapped by J.J.
20. Eddie- Head smashed with glass bottle
21. Thug #1- Macheted in chest
22. Thug #2- Macheted in chest
23. Thug #3- Macheted in stomach
24. Thug #4- Macheted in groin
25. Thug #5- Feet chopped off
26. Thug #6- Body smashed off of ground
27. Thug #7- Macheted in ribs, groin, legs lopped off
28. Thug $8- Heart stabbed out
29. Viper- Disemboweled with machete
30. Brad- and
31. Lynda- Double-impaling through bed with machete
32. J.J.- Body severed in two lengthwise
33. Skye- Throat slit, glass shards in eye

*NOTE: There were an indeterminant number of people killed on Elysium. According to the prisoners, there were over 100 plus the ones stuck on the sling, but there is no way to tell the exact total.

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