1. Bud- Shot in head
2. Kitty-Lou- Shot in chest
3. Kyle- Eyeballs gouged out
4. Rosen- Drowned in lake
5. Stratton- Pick to eye
6. Bobby- Skull crushed, snapped loose
7. Gina- Skull crushed
8. Denzela- Axed in throat, beheaded
9. Katherine- Shot in eye
10. Dolores- Mutilated and dismembered
11. Aidan- Mutilated and dismembered
12. Patrick- Mutilated and dismembered
13. Flanahan- Face carved up with tree-trimming saw
14. Chester- Tree-trimming saw to chest
15. Officer Hollis- Skull crushed
16. Shelly- Neck broken
17. Larry- Throat slit
18. Duke- Insides ripped out; strangled
19. Trey- Burned to death
20. McCrimmon- Shot in head
21. Halverson- Shot in head
22. Behler- Knifed in skull
23. Basket- Accidentally shot by Shona
24. Shona- Arm cut off, macheted in stomach
25. Penelope Thawn- Macheted in mouth
26. Clark- Macheted to death
27. Molly- Macheted to death
28. Jack- Macheted to death
29. Girl- Macheted to death
30. Officer Kemp- Beheaded
31. Officer Mahler- Throat sawed repeatedly
32. Rick- Macheted in groin through truck
33. Finton- Head squeezed til his eyes pop out
34. Johnny- Windpipe crushed
35. Guard- Chest impaled by pole, jaw snapped off
36. Jamie- Face crushed against wall
37. Costa- Eyes gouged in
38. Kelser- Butcher knife in forehead
39. Leah- Knifed in chest
40. Skipper- Carved up with cleaver
41. Bluestone- Skull split by cleaver
42. Guard- Nearly beheaded by cleaver
43. Woman- Throat slit
44. Greg- Top of head lopped off
45. Executive- Sliced up with cleaver
46. Carson- Arm cut off, halved with cleaver
47. Woman- Decapitated
48. April- Cleaver in stomach
49. Hotel Patron #1- Beheaded
50. Hotel Patron #2- Beheaded
51. Man- Throat crushed
52. Agent Daimler- Shot in head by Agent Van Stadt
53. Myers- Metal spike in stomach
54. Heinz- Metal spike in head
55. Man- Burnt, cleavered to death
56. Husband- Hacked up in elevator
57. Wife- Hacked up in elevator
58. Businessman- Cleaver in chest and out shoulder
59. Blonde Patron- Throat slit
60. Hotel Patron #3- and
61. Hotel Patron #4- Carved up with cleaver while asleep
62. Rosa- Mangled in bed; spine broken
63. Deputy Ryger- Legs cut off, stomach crushed
64. Sheriff Claymark- Cleaver in skull
65. Norwood Thawn- Cleaver in stomach, burnt to death
66. Paramedic #1- Killed by Jason's bare hands
67. Paramedic #2- Killed by Jason's bare hands

*NOTE: There were an indeterminant amount of people either burnt or killed at the hotel, including patrons, staff and guards.

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