1. Brian- Beheaded
2. Hailey- Beheaded
3. Josh- Garotted with motorcycle chain
4. Ricky- Laser pen through eye
5. Brad- and
6. Patti- Double impaled with broken pipe
7. Hank- Macheted to death
8. Lisa- and
9. James- Double impaled with large crucifix
10. John- Executed
11. Mary- Executed
12. Jamie- Shotgun blast to chest
13. Jock- Shotgun blast to chest
14. Harold- Gutted with spear by Trey
15. Hellion- Head blown apart by shotgun blast
16. Tina- Strangled to death
17. Marky- Slashed up with a straight razor
18. Sheriff Casey- Skinned alive
19. Diana- Bisected with machete
20. Santo- Gutted with stiletto knife
21. Paul- Gutted with stiletto knife

*NOTE: There were an indeterminant amount of people killed at the prison, when Jason showed up and mowed them down.

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