1. Nick- Blowtorch inside mouth and out neck
2. Bernard- Fried on electric fence
3. Boy- Thrown off tilt-a-whirl, lands dead on the pavement
4. K.C.- Decapitated with an ax
5. Wendy- Stabbed to death with a hacksaw
6. Graham- Stabbed to death with a switchblade
7. Greg- Throat slit with a switchblade
8. Maxi's father- and
9. Bev- Fried on electric fence when Scrambler ride crashes into it
10. Carny- Slashed in stomach several times with a knife
11. Vince Fantana- Mallet to the head
12. Maxi- Bit to death by Stump, the rottweiler
13. Stump the rottweiler- Crashed into electric fence while playing fetch with Maxi's arm
14. Mitch Deever- Possessed by Jason, axed in the head and died when the mask was removed

*NOTE: It is impossible to count how many other carnival workers and people died when they were trapped inside the fairgrounds, burnt to death, or fell off malfunctioning rides.

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