1. Tiffany- Head smashed offscreen
2. Krista- Macheted in mouth
3. Adam- Top of head sliced off
4. Jamie- Knifed in the back of the head
5. Tony- Strangled underwater
6. Ryan- Car door repeatedly slammed on his head
7. Stephanie- Chainsaw through chest and out head
8. Kisha- Impaled on wooden shards of bathroom stall
9. Norman- Blown apart by land mines
10. Drake- Bayonet in the eye
11. C.J.- Throat sliced from ear to ear
12. Alicia- Macheted through heart
13. Rebecca- Split in half with ax
14. Jordan- Gutted with knife
15. Tyrone- Cleaver in side of face
16. Jenny- Strangled with chain

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