1. John- Pulled down to hell by Jason
2. Allison- Sliced in half at the waist with a machete
3. Elias Tompkins- Beheaded by shotgun blast
4. Professor Hon- Choked, Head caved in, & Beheaded with machete
5. Woman- Axed in the chest
6. Man- Head crushed until his brains pop out
7. Ada- Axed down through shoulder and into chest
8. Nikki- Pinned to cabin door with hunting knife
9. Sean- Arm ripped off, heart ripped out
10. Emmy- Ankle bone popped out, chainsaw through stomach and out back
11. Ashley- Speared through bed and into floor
12. Scott- Choked, macheted in groin, beheaded with machete
13. Officer Buechler- Spinal cord ripped out
14. Sgt. Zito- Knifed in head
15. Officer Miller- Beheaded with butt end of shotgun

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