1. Jarrett- Face sliced off with sickle, beheaded
2. Maggie Mae- Found dead hung from light socket, cleaver in chest
3. Jack- Garden claw in head, macheted to death
4. Officer Rodriguez- Pitchforked upside down through groin to rafters
5. Officer Morton- Head split in half with hammer claw
6. Travis- Head turned 180 degrees, neck and spine broken
7. Mandy- Pitchforked in head through roof of Jeep
9. Mayor Quincy- Macheted through one ear and out the other
10. George- Arm broken, Face chewed up on fan belt, macheted in stomach
11. Louie- Eye impaled on tree branch
12. Patty- Macheted through stomach on archery range
13. Jay- Head ripped backward off of neck, spine pushed through stomach
14. Melody- Axed through face and into porch floor
15. Slax- Knifed in back, burned to death
16. Officer Strickland- Larynx ripped out, skull crushed
16. Jamal- Arm broken, stabbed with switchblade, heart poked out with machete
17. Chief Warren- Broken in half at the waist over cabin door
18. Rob- Macheted in chest twice, shoulder dislocated, macheted through mid-section
19. Kevin- Macheted in side and chest, electrocuted to death

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