1. Harold (Steve Susskind)- Cleaver in the chest
2. Edna (Cheri Maugans)- Knitting needle in the back of the head
3. Fox (Gloria Charles)- Pitchforked through the neck onto a rafter
4. Loco (Kevin O'Brien)- Pitchforked in the stomach and out his back
5. Vera (Catherine Parks)- Speargunned in the eye
6. Andy (Jeffrey Rogers)- Macheted in half while walking on his hands
7. Debbie (Tracie Savage)- Knifed from beneath her hammock
8. Andy & Debbie's Child- Died in womb when Debbie was killed
9. Shelly (Larry Zerner)- Throat slashed offscreen, later dies from blood loss
10. Chuck (David Katims)- Electrocuted on a fuse box
11. Chili (Rachel Howard)- Fireplace poker through the chest and out her back
12. Rick (Paul Kratka)- Head squeezed until his eye pops out
13. Ali (Nick Savage)- Bludgeoned with a wrench; later revives and is macheted to death

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