1. Lori's Mother (Sharon Peters)- Clawed in stomach by Freddy
2. Bobby (Zack Ward)- Slit own wrists
3. Heather (Odessa Munroe)- Macheted to tree in Jason's dream
4. Trey (Jesse Hutch)- Macheted to death, folded up backward in bed; back broken
5. Blake's Father (Brent Chapman)- Beheaded
6. Blake (David Kopp)- Macheted to death offscreen
7. Gibb (Katharine Isabelle)- Impaled with a pipe while asleep
8. Frisell (Alex Green)- Impaled with a pipe, launched aside
9. Teammate (Colby Johannson)- Head spun around; neck broken
10. Shack (Chris Gauthier)- Flaming machete through back and out stomach
11. Partier #1 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
12. Partier #2 (uncredited)- Macheted in stomach
13. Partier #3 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
14. Partier #4 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
15. Partier #5 (uncredited)- Macheted in stomach
16. Partier #6 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
17. Partier #7 (uncredited)- Macheted in chest
18. Mark (Brendan Fletcher)- Clawed in the face by Freddy, burned to death
19. Asylum Guard (Tony Willett)- Crushed by steel door offscreen
20. Deputy Stubbs (Lochlyn Munro)- Electrocuted to death
21. Freeburg (Kyle Labine)- Possessed by Freddy, macheted in half at the waist by Jason
22. Linderman (Chris Marquette)- Impaled on wall bracket, died from blood loss
23. Kia (Kelly Rowland)- Furiously macheted against tree

*NOTE: It is impossible to determine how many partiers were killed at the corn field rave. We've only listed the 7 caught onscreen. In addition, the deaths of Bobby (Zack Ward) and Lori's Mother (Sharon Peters) occurred prior to the events of the film.

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