1. Allen Hawes (Ron Palillo)- Heart ripped out
2. Darren (Tony Goldwyn)- Impaled on a spear and tossed aside
3. Lizbeth (Nancy McLoughlin)- Speared through the mouth
4. Burt (Wallace Merck)- Arm ripped off, impaled on a tree branch
5. Stan (Matthew Faison)- and
6. Katie (Ann Ryerson)- and
7. Larry (Alan Blumenfeld)- Triple decapitation with a machete
8. Martin (Bob Larkin)- Broken bottle to throat, macheted to death
9. Steven (Roger Rose)- and
10. Annette (Cynthia Kania)- Double impalement with a machete on their motorcycle
11. Nikki (Darcy DeMoss)- Face crushed into RV wall
12. Cort (Tom Fridley)- Hunting knife in the head
13. Roy (Whitney Rydbeck)- Pieces of him are found strewn in the woods
14. Sissy (Renee Jones)- Head ripped off
15. Paula (Kerry Noonan)- Hacked up with a machete
16. Officer Thornton (Michael Nomad)- Dart in the forehead
17. Officer Pappas (Michael Swan)- Head crushed in Jason's bare hands
18. Sheriff Garris (David Kagen)- Broken in half

*NOTE: In an alternate ending of 'Jason Lives', Martin (Bob Larkin) survives and is overseeing the care of Jason's grave, as well as Mrs. Voorhees. He is then met by Elias Voorhees, Jason's father, and paid for his services.

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