1. Axel (Bruce Mahler)- Surgical hacksaw to the throat; neck broken
2. Nurse Morgan (Lisa Freeman)- Gutted with a scalpel
3. Hitchhiker (Bonnie Hellman)- Knifed through the neck and out throat
4. Samantha (Judie Aronson)- Knifed through a raft
5. Paul (Alan Hayes)- Speared in the groin
6. Terri (Carey More)- Speared in the back
7. Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman)- Killed offscreen
8. Jimmy (Crispin Glover)- Corkscrew in the hand, cleaver in the face
9. Tina (Camilla More)- Thrown through a window, lands dead on a parked car
10. Ted (Lawrence Monoson)- Knifed in the head through a movie screen
11. Doug (Peter Barton)- Head crushed in Jason's bare hands, knifed to wall through neck
12. Sara (Barbara Howard)- Axed in the chest through a door
13. Rob (E. Erich Anderson)- Clawed to death with garden harrow
14. Jason (Ted White)- Macheted to death by Tommy

*NOTE: In an alternate ending of 'The Final Chapter', Mrs. Jarvis (Joan Freeman) is found dead in a bathtub by Trish.

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