1. Neil (Tod Bryant)- Macheted in Tommy's dream
2. Les (Curtis Conaway)- Icepick in the neck in Tommy's dream
3. Joey (Dominick Brascia)- Hacked up with an ax
4. Vinnie (Anthony Barrile)- Road flare in the mouth
5. Pete (Corey Parker)- Throat slit with a machete
6. Billy (Bob de Simone)- Axed in the back of the head
7. Lana (Rebecca Wood-Sharkey)- Axed in the chest
8. Raymond (Sonny Shields)- Hunting knife in the stomach
9. Tina (Debbisue Voorhees)- Garden shears in the eyes
10. Eddie (John Robert Dixon)- Head crushed against tree with a leather strap
11. Anita (Jere Fields)- Found by Demon with throat slashed
12. Demon (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.)- Speared through an outhouse wall
13. Junior (Ron Sloan)- Decapitated with a cleaver while riding his motorbike
14. Ethel (Carol Locatell)- Cleaver in the face, drowns in her own stew
15. Jake (Jerry Pavlon)- Cleaver in the face
16. Robin (Juliette Cummins)- Macheted from beneath bed
17. Violet (Tiffany Helm)- Macheted in the stomach
18. Duke (Caskey Swaim)- Found in his ambulance by Pam and Reggie with his throat slit
19. Matt (Richard Young)- Throat slit, pinned to tree with railroad spike through his head
20. George (Vernon Washington)- Eyes gouged out, thrown through a window
21. Roy (Dick Wieand)- Impaled on a tractor harrow
22. Pam (Melanie Kinnaman)- Macheted in stomach in Tommy's dream

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