1. Alice (Adrienne King)- Stabbed in the temple with an icepick
2. Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney)- Garotted with barbed wire
3. Muffin (Terry's Dog)- Found mangled in the woods by Jeff and Sandra
4. Officer Winslow (Jack Marks)- Hammer claw in the head
5. Scott (Russell Todd)- Macheted in throat while hanging in a snare
6. Terry (Kirsten Baker)- Killed offscreen
7. Mark (Tom McBride)- Macheted in the face
8. Jeff (Bill Randolph)- and
9. Sandra (Marta Kober)- Double impaling with a spear through their bed
10. Vickie (Lauren-Marie Taylor)- Stabbed with butcher knife
11. Paul (John Furey)- Disappears, presumed dead

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