1. John Shepard (John Otrin)- Drowned in Crystal Lake
2. Jane (Staci Greason)- Tent spike in the neck, impaled to a tree
3. Michael (William Butler)- Tent spike thrown into his back
4. Dan (Michael Schroeder)- Jason's hand through his body, neck broken
5. Judy (Debora Kessler)- Bashed against a tree in her sleeping bag
6. Russell (Larry Cox)- Axed in the face
7. Sandra (Heidi Kozak)- Pulled underwater and drowned
8. Maddy (Diana Barrows)- Scythe in the neck
9. Ben (Craig Thomas)- Head crushed in Jason's bare hands
10. Kate (Diana Almeida)- Party horn in the eye
11. David (Jon Renfield)- Butcher knife in the stomach, beheaded offscreen
12. Eddie (Jeff Bennett)- Machete wedged into his neck
13. Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan)- Thrown through a window, lands dead on the ground
14. Mrs. Shepard (Susan Blu)- Speared from behind
15. Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser)- Tree-trimming saw to the stomach
16. Melissa (Susan Jennifer Sullivan)- Axed in the face

*NOTE: In an alternate version of 'The New Blood', Robin (Elizabeth Kaitan) is macheted in half at the waist instead of being thrown out a window, and Eddie (Jeff Bennett) is completely beheaded.

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