Total Number Dead: 101

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1. Kirk (William Vail)- Sledgehammer to head twice
2. Pam (Teri McMinn)- Hung on meathook
3. Jerry (Allen Danziger)- Sledgehammer to head
4. Franklin (Paul A. Partain)- Chainsaw to chest and stomach repeatedly
5. Hitchhiker (Edwin Neal)- Ran over by truck


6. Buzz (Barry Kinyon)- Head lopped in half with chainsaw
7. Rick (Chris Douridas)- Pieces of him are found at crash scene
8. L.G. (Lou Perryman)- Beat to death with hammer; later skinned alive
9. Drayton (Jim Siedow)- Chainsaw to backside and later to back; blown apart by grenade
10. Grandpa (Ken Evert)- Blown apart by grenade
11. Lefty (Dennis Hopper)- Blown apart by grenade
12. Chop-Top (Bill Moseley)- Chainsaw to stomach, falls to death underground


13. W.E. Sawyer (uncredited)- Executed in gas chamber
14. Sally Hardesty (uncredited)- Died in private health care facility
15. Gina (Beth DePatie)- Sledgehammer to head
16. Sara (Toni Hudson)- Strangled, chainsaw to stomach
17. Ryan (William Butler)- Mangled in bear trap, sledgehammer to head hanging upside down
18. Mama (Miriam Byrd-Nethery)- Shot to death
19. Grandpa (uncredited)- Shot to death
20. Tinker (Joe Unger)- Fingers, ear shot off, bled to death
21. Tex (Viggo Mortensen)- Immolated in exploding truck
22. Alfredo (Tom Everett)- Shotgun blast to chest


23. Boy (Vince Brock)- Injured in car crash, neck later broken
24. Sean (John Harrison)- Hit by wrecker, ran over repeatedly
25. Barry (Tyler Cone)- Sledgehammer to head
26. Heather (Lisa Newmyer)- Hung on meathook, later burned and stomped to death
27. Vilmer (Matthew McConaughey)- Airplane propeller to head


28. Teenage Girl (Lauren German)- Suicide by revolver; shot through mouth and out back of head
29. Kemper (Eric Balfour)- Sledgehammer to head; face skinned
30. Andy (Mike Vogel)- Bottom of leg severed with chainsaw; hung on meat hook; knifed in stomach by Erin in mercy kill
31. Pepper (Erica Leerhsen)- Chainsaw to back, then mutilated with it
32. Morgan (Jonathan Tucker)- Bottle smashed over face; gutted with chainsaw from groin to chest
33. Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey)- Hit by car; ran over three times by Erin
34. Officer Adams (uncredited)- Killed out of camera frame
35. Camera Officer (uncredited)- Killed offscreen


36. Sloane (Leslie Calkins)- Died giving birth
37. Supervisor (Tim De Zarn)- Bludgeoned with sledgehammer; legs broken
38. Sheriff Winston (Lew Temple)- Shotgun blast to head
39. Biker Chick (Emily Kaye)- Shotgun blast to chest
40. Holden (Lee Tergesen)- Arms broken, sawed in half with chainsaw
41. Eric (Matt Bomer)- Chainsaw through stomach and out back, later skinned alive
42. Bailey (Diora Baird)- Meat hook in chest, teeth ripped out, throat slit with shears
43. Dean (Taylor Handley)- Steps in bear trap, later chainsawed through back and out chest
44. Chrissie (Jordana Brewster)- Chainsaw through back and out chest through seat of car
45. State Trooper (uncredited)- Run down by out of control car
46. Bystander (uncredited)- Run down by out of control car


47. Allie Sawyer (uncredited)- Shot in neck, burned to death
48. Boss Sawyer (Gunnar Hansen)- Shot in chest, burned to death
49. Bear Sawyer (David Bell)- Shot in chest, burned to death
50. Loretta Sawyer (Dodie Brown)- Shot in back, burned, and later kicked in head
51. Drayton Sawyer (Bill Moseley)- Shot to death, burned to death
52. Grandpa (John Dugan)- Shot in chest, burned to death
53. Darryl (Shaun Sipos)- Beat to death with meat tenderizer
54. Kenny (Keram Malicki-Sanchez)- Meat hook in back, later hung on hook and sawed in half
55. Ryan (Trey Songz)- Bled out as result of car crash, later found beheaded
56. Nikki (Tania Raymonde)- Car accident, chainsaw to leg, later accidentally shot in head by Officer Marvin
57. Officer Marvin (James MacDonald)- Hacked up with a hatchet, face skinned
58. Ollie (Ritchie Montgomery)- Pitchfork to the stomach by Heather
59. Burt (Paul Rae)- Chainsaw to legs and hands, falls into meat grinder


60. Rancher (uncredited)- Chainsaw in leg by Jed, sledgehammer to head by Grandpa
61. Betty (Lorina Kamburova)- Falls into trap in barn, crushed by falling engine
62. Orderly #1 (Velizar Binev)- and
63. Orderly #2 (Vladimir Vladimirov)- Bludgeoned to death by Bud's bare hands
64. Female Inmate (uncredited)- Strangled to death by Clarice
65. Dr. Lang (Christopher Adamson)- Head smashed against and through window by Bud
66. Brunette Nurse (Simona Williams)- Stabbed to death through the mouth by escaped male inmate
67. Male Inmate (uncredited)- Stomped to death by Jackson
68. Orderly #3 (Vladimir Mihailov)- Thrown out window in wheelchair
69. Patron #1 (uncredited)- Knifed in neck by Clarice
70. Patron #2 (uncredited)- Shot in head by Clarice
71. Cook (uncredited)- Shot in head by Clarice
72. Tammy (Nicole Andrews)- Knifed in armpit, head blown apart by shotgun blast by Isaac
73. Hillbilly (uncredited)- Found strangled to death with a cord in his trailer
74. Isaac (James Bloor)- Bludgeoned in head with switch, head stomped into tree stump by Bud
75. Clarice (Jessica Madsen)- Shot in leg, pistol whipped, shot in head by Hartman
76. Bud (Sam Coleman)- Shot in side by BBQ patron, later shot in head by Highway Deputy
77. Highway Deputy (Velizar Peev)- Beat to death, head slammed in car door repeatedly by Jackson
78. Deputy Sorells (Finn Jones)- Knifed in back by Drayton, fed to family's hogs
79. Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff)- Sledgehammer to leg, chainsaw through stomach repeatedly by Jed, dismembered and fed to family's hogs
80. Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse)- Steps in bear trap, beheaded with chainsaw by Jed and fed to family's hogs


81. Virginia (Alice Krige)- Dies of heart attack after being removed from home
82. Deputy (Jolyon Coy)- Wrists broken, stabbed in neck repeatedly with exposed bones and crashed in van
83. Sheriff (William Hope)- Forced shot in neck, crashed in van, bashed in head twice with oxygen tank
84. Ruth (Nell Hudson)- Crashed in van, strangled & disemboweled w/glass shard
85. Dante (Jacob Latimore)- Meat cleaver to face, later dies in Richter's arms
86. Richter (Moe Dunford)- Leg broken with sledgehammer, head impaled on glass shard, head bludgeoned 10 times with sledgehammer
87. Bus Driver (uncredited)- Beheaded with chainsaw offscreen
88. Male Victim #1 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach
89. Male Victim #2 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to back, to death
90. Male Victim #3 (uncredited)- Chainsaw thru stomach, lifted to bus ceiling
91. Male Victim #4 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through shoulder down to stomach
92. Male Victim #5 (uncredited)- Leg sawed off, chainsaw to chest
93. Female Victim #1 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach out of frame
94. Male Victim #6 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach
95. Male Victim #7 (uncredited)- Chainsawed out of frame
96. Male Victim #8 (uncredited)- Arm sawed off at elbow
97. Male Victim #9 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to groin
98. Female Victim #2 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to stomach
99. Catherine (Jessica Allain)- Sawed in half at the waist
100. Sally (Olwen Fouere)- Chainsaw to stomach, lifted off ground & tossed aside
101. Melody (Sarah Yarkin)- Beheaded with chainsaw


*In 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2' (1986), there were several deaths cut, including a group of college partiers and two moviegoers during the Sawyers' hunt for prime meat. During these scenes, there was a head split in two, four arms lopped off, two legs severed, a hammer to the head, a decapitation, and a hand sawed off.

*In an alternate cut of 'Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III', Benny (Ken Foree) is killed by Leatherface when his head is lowered onto the moving chainsaw in the bog. However, in the theatrical version, Benny survives. There were also many unconfirmed deaths of around 40-50 people that were found in the mass grave. These are presumed to be from the previous two films, but their origin was never revealed. Several animals were also killed, including a coyote thrown onto a windshield and an armadillo ran over by Michelle.

*In 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (2003), there were pieces of other victims found throughout the Hewitt House, including a hand, a severed head, and a skeleton. There were also three other family members unaccounted for based on the family picture Erin found at the Hewitt trailer. Those kills are assumed but unconfirmed. In addition, Morgan (Jonathan Tucker) is found in the Hewitt basement by Erin with a hole in his back, which suggests he was also hung on a meat hook, but that was never confirmed.

*In 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning' (2006), Monty (Terrence Evans) had his lower legs severed by Leatherface after being shot, but he survived. There was also a possum shown dead on the road, and a cow was hit by Eric's Jeep.

*In 'Texas Chainsaw' (2013), there were other members of the Sawyer family who were shot or died in the fire, as mentioned in the police evidence and/or referenced in the Carson family cemetery. The names included Theodore, Elfa, Bubba, Tubba, and Clarissa, as well as two males identified as 'John Doe' and one female identified as 'Jane Doe'. In addition, the number of townies killed in the gun battle is unknown.

*In 'Leatherface' (2017), during the asylum break out scene, the Demure Nurse (Venelina Ghyaurova) had her head bashed off of a desk by Verna and an Orderly (uncredited) was beaten unconscious by several inmates, but it is unconfirmed if either survived or perished.

*In 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' (2022), the number of victims of the bus massacre is unknown, as well as the number who actually died or were just maimed by the chainsaw and left for dead.

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