1. Buzz (Barry Kinyon)- Head lopped in half with chainsaw
2. Rick (Chris Douridas)- Pieces of him are found at crash scene
3. L.G. (Lou Perryman)- Beat to death with hammer; later skinned alive
4. Drayton (Jim Siedow)- Chainsaw to backside and later to back; blown apart by grenade
5. Grandpa (Ken Evert)- Blown apart by grenade
6. Lefty (Dennis Hopper)- Blown apart by grenade
7. Chop-Top (Bill Moseley)- Chainsaw to stomach, falls to death underground

*NOTE: There were several deaths cut from the film, including a group of college partiers and
two moviegoers during the Sawyers' hunt for prime meat. During these scenes, there was a head split in two, four arms lopped off, two legs severed, a hammer to the head, a decapitation, and a hand sawed off.

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