1. Teenage Girl (Lauren German)- Suicide by revolver; shot through mouth and out back of head
2. Kemper (Eric Balfour)- Sledgehammer to head; face skinned
3. Andy (Mike Vogel)- Bottom of leg severed with chainsaw; hung on meat hook; knifed in stomach by Erin in mercy kill
4. Pepper (Erica Leerhsen)- Chainsaw to back, then mutilated with it
5. Morgan (Jonathan Tucker)- Bottle smashed over face; gutted with chainsaw from groin to chest
6. Sheriff Hoyt (R. Lee Ermey)- Hit by car; ran over three times by Erin
7. Officer Adams (uncredited)- Killed out of camera frame
8. Camera Officer (uncredited)- Killed offscreen

*NOTE: There were pieces of other victims found throughout the Hewitt House, including a hand, a severed head, and a skeleton. There were also three other family members unaccounted for based on the family picture Erin found at the Hewitt trailer. Those kills are assumed but unconfirmed. In addition, Morgan (Jonathan Tucker) is found in the Hewitt basement by Erin with a hole in his back, which suggests he was also hung on a meat hook, but that was never confirmed.

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