1. Sloane (Leslie Calkins)- Died giving birth
2. Supervisor (Tim De Zarn)- Bludgeoned with sledgehammer; legs broken
3. Sheriff Winston (Lew Temple)- Shotgun blast to head
4. Biker Chick (Emily Kaye)- Shotgun blast to chest
5. Holden (Lee Tergesen)- Arms broken, sawed in half with chainsaw
6. Eric (Matt Bomer)- Chainsaw through stomach and out back, later skinned alive
7. Bailey (Diora Baird)- Meat hook in chest, teeth ripped out, throat slit with shears
8. Dean (Taylor Handley)- Steps in bear trap, later chainsawed through back and out chest
9. Chrissie (Jordana Brewster)- Chainsaw through back and out chest through seat of car
10. State Trooper (uncredited)- Run down by out of control car
11. Bystander (uncredited)- Run down by out of control car

*NOTE: Monty (Terrence Evans) had his lower legs severed by Leatherface after being shot, but he survived. There was also a possum shown dead on the road, and a cow was hit by Eric's Jeep.

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