1. Allie Sawyer (uncredited)- Shot in neck, burned to death
2. Boss Sawyer (Gunnar Hansen)- Shot in chest, burned to death
3. Bear Sawyer (David Bell)- Shot in chest, burned to death
4. Loretta Sawyer (Dodie Brown)- Shot in back, burned, and later kicked in head
5. Drayton Sawyer (Bill Moseley)- Shot to death, burned to death
6. Grandpa (John Dugan)- Shot in chest, burned to death
7. Darryl (Shaun Sipos)- Beat to death with meat tenderizer
8. Kenny (Keram Malicki-Sanchez)- Meat hook in back, later hung on hook and sawed in half
9. Ryan (Trey Songz)- Bled out as result of car crash, later found beheaded
10. Nikki (Tania Raymonde)- Car accident, chainsaw to leg, later accidentally shot in head by Officer Marvin
11. Officer Marvin (James MacDonald)- Hacked up with a hatchet, face skinned
12. Ollie (Ritchie Montgomery)- Pitchfork to the stomach by Heather
13. Burt (Paul Rae)- Chainsaw to legs and hands, falls into meat grinder

*NOTE: There were other members of the Sawyer family who were shot or died in the fire, as mentioned in the police evidence and/or referenced in the Carson family cemetery. The names included Theodore, Elfa, Bubba, Tubba, and Clarissa, as well as two males identified as 'John Doe' and one female identified as 'Jane Doe'. In addition, the number of townies killed in the gun battle is unknown.

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