1. Rancher (uncredited)- Chainsaw in leg by Jed, sledgehammer to head by Grandpa
2. Betty (Lorina Kamburova)- Falls into trap in barn, crushed by falling engine
3. Orderly #1 (Velizar Binev)- and
4. Orderly #2 (Vladimir Vladimirov)- Bludgeoned to death by Bud's bare hands
5. Female Inmate (uncredited)- Strangled to death by Clarice
6. Dr. Lang (Christopher Adamson)- Head smashed against and through window by Bud
7. Brunette Nurse (Simona Williams)- Stabbed to death through the mouth by escaped male inmate
8. Male Inmate (uncredited)- Stomped to death by Jackson
9. Orderly #3 (Vladimir Mihailov)- Thrown out window in wheelchair
10. Patron #1 (uncredited)- Knifed in neck by Clarice
11. Patron #2 (uncredited)- Shot in head by Clarice
12. Cook (uncredited)- Shot in head by Clarice
13. Tammy (Nicole Andrews)- Knifed in armpit, head blown apart by shotgun blast by Isaac
14. Hillbilly (uncredited)- Found strangled to death with a cord in his trailer
15. Isaac (James Bloor)- Bludgeoned in head with switch, head stomped into tree stump by Bud
16. Clarice (Jessica Madsen)- Shot in leg, pistol whipped, shot in head by Hartman
17. Bud (Sam Coleman)- Shot in side by BBQ patron, later shot in head by Highway Deputy
18. Highway Deputy (Velizar Peev)- Beat to death, head slammed in car door repeatedly by Jackson
19. Deputy Sorells (Finn Jones)- Knifed in back by Drayton, fed to family's hogs
20. Hal Hartman (Stephen Dorff)- Sledgehammer to leg, chainsaw through stomach repeatedly by Jed, dismembered and fed to family's hogs
21. Lizzy (Vanessa Grasse)- Steps in bear trap, beheaded with chainsaw by Jed and fed to family's hogs

*NOTE: During the asylum break out scene, the Demure Nurse (Venelina Ghyaurova) had her head bashed off of a desk by Verna and an Orderly (uncredited) was beaten unconscious by several inmates, but it is unconfirmed if either survived or perished.

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