Disgusted with the doldrums of day-to-day life in Southern California, best friends Steven Craven and Nico Bradley run away from home and travel to Mexico. There, they find themselves embroiled in several days of partying, and then they mysteriously disappear. A year later, their families get together back home and try to piece together their possible whereabouts. Tensions rise when Emma, Steven's sister and Nico's girlfriend, demands to be included in the investigation. Sifting through Steven's effects, Emma finds a mysterious puzzle box that and manages to manipulate it. Suddenly, Steven materializes out of thin air, covered in blood that does not appear to be his own. The families attempt to rush Steven to the hospital, but find all of their vehicles have disappeared and all communications have been cut off. Steven incoherently says he has escaped the demonic Cenobites, but is there truly ever a way out when dealing with Leviathan's legion of lethal servants?

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