1. Mexican Girl (Adel Marie Ruiz)- Found dead in bathroom stall
2. Nico (Jay Gillespie)- Skinned alive by Cenobites, later returns and is shot in chest
3. Hooker (Sue Ann Pien)- Beat to death with puzzle box
4. Peter (Sebastien Roberts)- Face carved up with knife by Vagrant
5. Ross (Steven Brand)- Shot in chest by Nico, later bleeds to death
6. Street Walker (Camelia Dee)- Killed offscreen
7. Baby (uncredited)- Killed offscreen
8. Steven (Nick Eversman)- Lamp to back of head, skinned offscreen by Nico, later becomes new Cenobite
9. Kate (Sanny Van Hatteren)- Throat ripped open with hooks and chains
10. Sarah (Devon Sorvari)- Ripped apart by hooks and chains, taken to hell by Cenobites

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