1. What are the odds that Nico, as Steven, would be able to find his way all the way back to Los Angeles from Tijuana, Mexico on foot, particularly in that condition?

EXPLANATION: Maybe Nico hitch-hiked his way back, and snuck over the border.

2. How could both the Craven's and Bradley's cars just vanish into thin air?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the Vagrant moved them.

3. Why was it that every time they showed the Cenobites on screen, they appeared to be in the same room?

4. How could Pinhead hear the Craven's and Bradley's discussion when they were trying to decide what to do? He was in hell, and not yet released by the puzzle box!

5. What are the odds that the Vagrant just shows up at the house, and knows exactly where to go?

6. When Peter is attacked by the Vagrant look closely. The scars on Peter when he re-enters the house clearly do not match the damage done by the Vagrant.

7. Why would Pinhead create another Pinhead? Surely, a demonic Cenobite like him would be more creative when dishing out the pain and suffering.

8. When Steven wipes Emma's lip after eating the soup, it was pretty evident that there was never any soup there at all.

9. If there was such a loophole that was used by Nico (and Frank and Julia Cotton before him), why wouldn't more souls try to escape hell?

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