1. There was a scene cut between Nico and Steven, as they discuss their experiences with women and the death of the girl at the club. Nico calls it an "huge insane rush" like he wasn't in his own body and someone else. Steven asks him if he got off on it, and Nico berates him, and tells him it's about the "intensity". At that point, they realize their car was stolen and they freak out.

DR. SCOTCH (0:54)

2. Originally, Peter and Ross privately discussed what to do over a glass of scotch. Peter tells Ross he seeks a second opinion, and to "meet my friend and physician, Dr. Scotch". They then toast each other and rejoin their wives in the kitchen. Peter asks Kate if they can join them, and she replies with, "only if you bring me one of these", referring to his scotch.

NOW HE'S BACK (0:41)

3. A short scene was cut with Kate and Emma, who were shown getting some of Steven's stuff out of his closet. Emma states that she doesn't know if he's okay, but now he's back and she doesn't understand. Kate, trying to be there for her, tells her it's going to be okay, and to stay strong.


4. A rather tense scene was cut between Sarah and Kate in the kitchen alone. Sarah is crying, and Kate takes offense to it, saying, "Stop it! You just got your son back. You have a son and a daughter. I have nothing!" Sarah tries to apologize, but Kate will have none of it, replying with, "You should start thinking about other people's feelings, mine, Peter's or your husband's". Sarah, now enraged, comments that she "knows all about her husband's feelings", and Kate insists nothing happened. Sarah apologizes again and tries to smooth things over, telling her "we're in this together". Kate, still grieving, states that "we are not in this together. I've lost my son and he's never coming back". Sarah then hugs her and apologizes yet again, saying, "you're right, I've been a b*tch". The scene ends with Kate calling Sarah her "favorite b*tch".


5. A scene was cut right after Steven (Nico) reappears. In it, Ross is searching through his hallways, looking through every room. He then bumps into Emma after going through her closet. Emma asks, "Hey, you haven't found him yet?" Ross replies "no", then puts his arm around her and they exit down the hallway together, with Ross carrying a shotgun.

A GIFT (1:21)

6. There was originally an extended scene in the kitchen. In it, Emma and the parents discuss the puzzle box. Emma insists it belongs to her, that it was a gift from Steven. Steven asks her if he ate, and she says, "yeah". Ross then wonders if he can talk now, and tell them what happened. Emma informs them that he's tired and sleeping, and clutches the puzzle box. Again, she gets fiesty and tells them that the puzzle box is hers. After that, Ross gets irritated and demands they "leave it for now".


7. Right after Steven (Nico) shoots Ross in the stomach, he looks at them and his dialogue was originally longer. He tells them, "and we opened wasn't quite the carnival ride the Vagrant had talked about. Trust me, you haven't felt anything until you've f*cked with skin removed from your body".


8. There was an extended yet alternate scene cut featuring the boys' encounter with the Vagrant in Mexico. It took place in a stairwell instead of at a table, and the Vagrant gave a much longer explanation of the puzzle box, calling it the "ultimate experience". He tells them that, "to someone near death, every day is their best day...every sensation a symphony". When Nico offers to buy the box, the Vagrant tells him that "sorta matter of's yours always was".

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