1. Where did Nico and Steven go in the beginning of the film, and why?

2. What was the connection between Nico and Emma?

3. What type of liquor did Nico drink at the bar?

4. According to Nico, how many killings occurred in Tijuana each week?

5. How much money did the hooker ask for when she tried to proposition Steven?

6. According to Emma, what was the definition of a Cenobite?

7. Once he came back, where did Steven tell Emma he went?

8. What was Nico and Steven's reasoning for running away?

9. What was the connection between Ross and Kate?

10. What deal did Nico want to make with Pinhead and the Cenobites?


1. Nico and Steven ran away to Tijuana to party.
2. Nico was dating Emma, Steven's sister.
3. Nico drank Crown Royal at the bar.
4. According to Nico, there were 100 killings per week in Tijuana.
5. The hooker tried to proposition Steven for $100.
6. According to Emma, a Cenobite is 'a member of a religious group living together in a monastic community'.
7. When he came back, Steven told Emma he'd been "everywhere".
8. Nico and Steven ran away because they were sick of their lives, calling it "bullsh*t generica".
9. Ross, Steven's father, and Kate, Nico's mother, had an affair.
10. Nico wanted to trade Emma's soul to the Cenobites to try to save his own.

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