Release: Friday, February 18, 2022
Company: Legendary Pictures
Distributed By: Netflix
Length: 83 minutes
Tagline: The Face Of Madness Returns
Budget: $20 million
Sound Quality: Dolby Digital
Film Dates: August 2020
Film Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Ontario, Canada
Film Availability: NETFLIX
Soundtrack Availability: DIGITAL, VINYL


1. VIRGINIA (Alice Krige)- Dies of heart attack after being removed from home
2. DEPUTY (Jolyon Coy)- Wrists broken, stabbed in neck repeatedly with exposed bones and crashed in van
3. SHERIFF (William Hope)- Forced shot in neck, crashed in van, bashed in head twice with oxygen tank
4. RUTH (Nell Hudson)- Crashed in van, strangled & disemboweled w/glass shard
5. DANTE (Jacob Latimore)- Meat cleaver to face, later dies in Richter's arms
6. RICHTER (Moe Dunford)- Leg broken with sledgehammer, head impaled on glass shard, head bludgeoned 10 times with sledgehammer
7. BUS DRIVER (uncredited)- Beheaded with chainsaw offscreen
8. MALE VICTIM #1 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach
9. MALE VICTIM #2 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to back, to death
10. MALE VICTIM #3 (uncredited)- Chainsaw thru stomach, lifted to bus ceiling
11. MALE VICTIM #4 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through shoulder down to stomach
12. MALE VICTIM #5 (uncredited)- Leg sawed off, chainsaw to chest
13. FEMALE VICTIM #1 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach out of frame
14. MALE VICTIM #6 (uncredited)- Chainsaw through stomach
15. MALE VICTIM #7 (uncredited)- Chainsawed out of frame
16. MALE VICTIM #8 (uncredited)- Arm sawed off at elbow
17. MALE VICTIM #9 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to groin
18. FEMALE VICTIM #2 (uncredited)- Chainsaw to stomach
19. CATHERINE (Jessica Allain)- Sawed in half at the waist
20. SALLY (Olwen Fouere)- Chainsaw to stomach, lifted off ground & tossed aside
21. MELODY (Sarah Yarkin)- Beheaded with chainsaw

*NOTE: The number of victims of the bus massacre is unknown, as well as the number who actually died or were just maimed by the chainsaw and left for dead.

Film Total: 21
Series Total: 101


1. Shouldered by Richter
2. Punched in head by Richter
3. Tackled into window by Richter
4. Corkscrew to arm by Melody
5. Shotgun blast to shoulder by Sally
6. Butt of shotgun to head by Sally
7. Knifed in stomach by Sally
8. Bumped by SUV by Melody
9. Shotgun blast to back twice by Sally
10. Choked with arm by Melody
11. Shotgun blast to chest by Lila
12. Chainsaw to face by Melody

Film Total: 12
Series Total: 63


Opening Narration
HERB: "It's not easy to locate someone if you don't know what they look like..."
RICHTER: "Only way to deal with an invasive species is to eradicate it on sight"
SHERIFF: "Welcome to Harlow..."
DANTE: "Behold the joys of late stage capitalism..."
MELODY: "A chance for people to start fresh without violence & madness..."
RUTH: "We're idealistic individuals who want to build a better world..."
VIRGINIA: "What are you doin' in our house?"
MELODY: "This place is cursed now..."
RUTH: "He's wearing her face..."
RICHTER: "Show me the deed to that house, you'll have 'em back..."
MELODY: "Please tell me we didn't kick her out of her own house..."
SALLY: "I fear no evil, I fear no evil..."
BUS PARTIER: "Try anything and you're canceled, bro..."
SALLY: "It's him isn't it? Leatherface..."
SALLY: "50 years I've been waitin' for this night...just to see him again..."
SALLY: "Looks like it's you that he need to stay...till I kill him..."
SALLY: "Say my name..."
LILA: "I was supposed to die in school that death followed me here..."
SALLY: "I'm the one who got away, and I'm here to make sure you don't ..."
MELODY: "I'm sorry...for what I did to your mama...she didn't deserve that..."
SALLY: "He'll never stop haunting you..."



Directed By- David Blue Garcia
Screenplay By- Chris Thomas Devlin
Story By- Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues
Based On Characters Created By- Tobe Hooper & Kim Henkel
Distributed By- Netflix
Produced By- Legendary Pictures
Bad Hombre & Exurbia Films
Distributed By- Netflix
Produced By- Fede Alvarez, P.G.A.
Herbert W. Gains, Kim Henkel, Ian Henkel
And Pat Cassidy
Executive Producers- Jay Ashenfelter & Shintaro Shimosawa
Director Of Photography- Ricardo Diaz
Production Designer- Michael T. Perry
Film Editor- Christopher S. Capp
Music By- Colin Stetson
Co-Producer- Rodo Sayagues
Casting By- Chelsea Ellis Bloch, C.S.A.
Marisol Roncali, C.S.A., Jina Kay & Jessie Frost
Unit Production Manager- Iliya Sotirov
Line Producer- Iliya Sotirov
First Assistant Director- Antony Tanev
Second Assistant Director- Monika Hristova
Stunt Coordinator- Stanimir Stamatov
Leatherface Stunt Double- Vasil Yordanov
Assistant Stunt Coordinator- Radoslav Parvanov
Melody Stunt Double- Dessy Slavova
Melody Stunt Double- Tea Markova
Sally Stunt Double- Dessy Slavova
Lila Stunt Double- Elitsa Razheva
Dante's Driving Double- Kiril Todorov
Richter Stunt Double- Francois Coetzer
Sheriff Stunt Double- Francois Coetzer
Ruth Stunt Double- Reni Sirmina
Deputy Stunt Double- Viktor Rangelov
Stunts- Francois Coetzer, Zahari Grozdanov, Veronika Ivanova
Milen Kaleychev, Tea Markova, Venelin Mishev
Ivan Neshev, Radka Petkova, Viktor Rangelov
Elitsa Razheva, Dessy Slavova, Kiril Todorov
Unit Manager- Sasho Raychev
Production Coordinator- Stasi Petrova
Assistant Production Coordinator- Kristina Tamahkyarova
Production Office Runner- Emil Chopev
Production Office Assistant- Yulia Grozdanova
Third Assistant Director- Margarita Aneva
Third Assistant Director- Kristiya Tombusheva
Supervising Art Director- Kess Bonnet
Art Director- Tsvetoslav Yordanov
Set Decorator- Joey Ostrander
Set Decorator, Bulgaria- Asen Bozhilov
Storyboard Artist- Ryan Falkner
Assistant Art Director- Ryan Falkner
3-D Artist- Yasen Mihaylov
Concept Artist- Tsvetelin Krastev
Set Dressing Graphic Designer- Deliana Stoyanova
First Assistant 'A' Camera- Boriana Papazova
Second Assistant 'A' Camera- Chavdar Simeonov
'B' Camera Operator- Slavyan Stoichev
First Assistant 'B' Camera- Genadi Ivanov
Second Assistant 'B' Camera- Kaloyan Mutafchiiski
'C' Camera Operator- Martin Chichov
First Assistant 'C' Camera- Boris Mitrev
Second Assistant 'C' Camera- Veselin Hristov
Additional Camera Assistants- Kaloyan Ignatov
Maxim Penev & Vladimir Velichkov
Still Photographer- Yana Blajeva
Script Supervisor- Maria Djidrova
Production Sound Mixer- Petar Kralev
Boom Operator- Nikolay Sabchev
Video Control Operator- Peter Shterev
Video Assist- Hristo Shterev
Additional Video Assist- Iliya Petrov
Gaffer- Yavor Zahariev
Best Boy Electric- Nikolay Mihaylov
Electricians- Ismail Falton, Georgi Georgiev
Krasimir Iliev, Borislav Krastanov, Valentin Tsankarski
Boris Vasilev & Georgi Vukadinov
Balloon Electricians- Tsvetelin Dimitrov
Pavel Mitov & Dimitar Yanev
Lightning Strikes Electricians- Grzegorz Przybys & Patryk Was
Key Grips- Miroslav Borisov & Vihar Nikolov
Best Boy Grip- Ivailo Kirilov
Dolly Grip- Danail Vuchkov
Grips- Manol Ivanov, Matei Mateev
Daniel Pashaliyski, Yavor Saykov & Iliya Yonev
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Valentin Stanimirov & Venelin Stepanov
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Andrey Velchev & Lyubomir Voynski
Location Manager- Ivo Simeonov
Location Assistant- Peter Shipkov
Property Master- Mosko Masev
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Stand-By Props- Martin Genchev & Todor Georgiev
Lead Armorer- Marin Takov
Armorer- Stefan Razlojki
Action Vehicles Coordinator- Lyubomir Evtimov
Mechanics- Dimitar Kostov
Vasil Spasov & Rumen Yordanov
Set Decorating Leadman- Plamen Petkov
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Leatherface Make-Up Created By- Illusion Industries Inc.
Project Supervisor- Todd Tucker
Make-Up Design & Application By- Martin Astles
CEO- Ronald L. Halvas
Special Effects Make-Up Coordinator- Douglas Brown
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Melody Stand-In/Photo Double- Raya Rangelova
Sally Stand-In/Photo Double- Nia Radeva
Lila Stand-In/Photo Double- Yoanna-Izabella Varbanova
Leatherface Stand-Ins- Martin Dobrev & Sava Donkov
Dante Stand-Ins- Anyanwu Chinedu & Aristot Kayungu
Richter Stand-In- Emil Budinov
Ruth Stand-In- Nia Radeva
Catherine Stand-In- Jetem Kayungu
Sheriff Stand-In- Andrew Camm
Splinter Unit
Director Of Photography- Lorenzo Senatore
First Assistant Director- Kremena Makarieva
Gaffer- Hristo Elandzhiev
Electrician- Vladimir Ivanov
Key Grip- Mihail Gotsov
Aerial Unit
Drone Pilot- Dimitar Krustev
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Music Supervisors- Peter Afterman & Alison Litton
Music Coordinator- Jane Berry
Music Legal Services- Christine Bergren
Score Engineered, Mixed & Produced By- Colin Stetson
Score Recorded At- The End Of The World
All Instruments Performed By- Colin Stetson
Additional Violins & Contrabasses Performed By- Matt Combs
For Legendary Entertainment
Executive Vice President Of Production- Herbert W. Gains
Physical Production Senior Manager- Danielle Sisk
Physical Production Senior Manager- Anne Taylor
Credits Administration Executive- Lisa Pascale Seed
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Senior Vice President Of 3-D Production- Josh R. Jaggars
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Safety Compliance Executive- Madeleine Paul
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Production Legal Services By- The Law Offices Of Eric W. Thompson P.C.
Eric W. Thompson, Esq., Matt Flood & Jasen Talise
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Main Titles & Opening Title Sequence By- Logan
Creative Lead- Alexei Tylevich
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Manager- Phillip Roth
Filmed At- German Studios, Sofia, Bulgaria
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DIT- Delyan Kaloyanov & Hristo Petkov
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The Producers Wish To Thank-
Lisa Lovaas, Grand Hotel Sofia
Head Of The Regional Health Inspectorate, Sofia- Dr. Dancho Penchev
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Minister Of Health, Bulgaria- Kiril Ananiev
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Dr. Irina Gaitanevska
Photos/Artwork/Footage Courtesy Of- I-Stock By Getty Images
Photos/Artwork/Footage Courtesy Of- Shutterstock
Leatherface Sketch By- Blake Ralston
Tax Incentive Consulting Services- Entertainment Partners, Canada
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With Participation Of Province Of Ontario Production Services Tax Credit
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