Addicted to an online game called Hellworld, a circle of friends mourns the loss of one of their own, Adam, who mysteriously died while playing the game, which is based on the 'Hellraiser' legend. The group of five ultimately blames themselves for the death, but decide to go on with their lives. Two years later, the group opts to attend a private party at an old secluded mansion. Mike, Derrick, and Allison are enthusiastic about the gathering, which was organized through Hellworld online. Chelsea, meanwhile, reluctantly joins them, while Jake, still feeling guilty over Adam's death, only shows up after hitting it off with a female player prior to the event. The quintet are cordially welcomed by the middle-aged host, who offers them drinks, shows them around the mansion (which was a former convent and asylum also built by Phillip Lemarchand), and provides them with cell phones to communicate with other guests. As the party progresses, the group finds themselves trapped in separate parts of the house, and the real game begins. Who would survive this unholy journey into hell, and what role would the demonic Cenobites play?

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