1. Where was the Hellworld party held?

2. What did Chelsea say was her opinion of the party?

3. What did the Host say was significant about the house?

4. What was the house's original purpose of existence?

5. What type of cell phones were used at the party?

6. Why were the white masks and cell phones given out at the party?

7. What was the Host's connection to Adam?

8. How did the Host manage to get Jake to come to the party?

9. What was the name of the short story this film was adapted from?

10. Henry Cavill (Mike) went on to play what famous superhero?


1. The party was held at Leviathan House, designed by Phillip Lemarchand.
2. Chelsea called the party 'space voyage convention crap'.
3. The Host called Leviathan House Lemarchand's second greatest architectural achievement.
4. The Leviathan House originally served as a convent for the church, and an asylum for the insane.
5. Nokia cell phones were used at the party.
6. The white masks and phones were for the partiers to anonymously 'engage in the pleasures only flesh can bring'.
7. The Host was Adam's father.
8. The Host posed as a teenage girl and lured Jake to the party in the hope of hooking up.
9. The film was adapted from Joel Soisson's short story 'Dark Can't Breathe'.
10. Henry Cavill (Mike) went on to play Superman in 2013's 'Man Of Steel'.

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