1. What brave soul took the pictures of Pinhead and recorded the sounds of his voice for the website?

2. When the group is on the road heading to the Leviathan House, look closely. It shows two totally different license plates-- a Romanian one while they are on the road, and an American one when they arrive at the house.

3. After Derrick hangs up his phone, look closely at the screen. It still says 'Allison Calling'.

4. Since when is Pinhead featured on a tarot card?

5. How would a toymaker like Lemarchand know how to design and build a house as well?

6. How would Derrick's cell phone already have Allison's name and number pre-programmed into it, if they were random phones being used?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the Host had the entire group's phones already programmed and set up that way.

7. When the group goes into the Host's study, Mike is shown wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with no jacket. However, later, when they go down the stairs into the lower parts of the house, he's suddenly wearing a leather jacket over the sweatshirt.

8. If the door marked 'Keep Out' was truly meant for that purpose, wouldn't it have been locked?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the Host marked it that way knowing one of the group would be curious enough to enter (He was correct).

9. How could Adam have made his own puzzle box? Only someone like Lemarchand could have constructed one.

10. Since when does Pinhead use weapons like a typical slasher? Every other film, it was always the hooks and chains.

EXPLANATION: It was Derrick's nightmare, so perhaps that's why Pinhead manipulated it.

11. When Jake has his vision of killing Chelsea, his phone starts to ring. It was blinking and vibrating, and fell to the floor. However, when Jake reaches for it, you can clearly see that the phone is not actually ringing, because the screen is dark and the screensaver is active.

12. When Chelsea calls 911, she tells the operator she's at '86 Hillbound Drive', when in fact, it was Hillbound Road, not Drive.

13. When Chelsea returns to the house she runs through the front door and the door behind her is still open. In the next shot, the door is closed.

14. The ring(s) on Chelsea's left hand change while she is in the attic. This is most noticeable when she reaches down through the floorboards and is grabbed.

15. At the very end of the film, when Chelsea is rescued, she sees all her other friends inside their coffins with the lids removed. The police would not remove those lids in front of her until after she was taken away in the ambulance.

16. When the Host is toying with the Lament Configuration at the end of the movie, the look of the cigarette varies in every shot.

17. After the Host is taken to hell, and Chelsea and Jake are driving down the road, there is no license plate visible on the rear door of her SUV. However, a few shots later, a license plate magically appears.

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