1. Adam (Stelian Urian)- Burned to death offscreen
2. Allison (Anna Tolputt)- Throat slashed in torture, bled out in dream; clawed herself to death in coffin
3. Derrick (Khary Payton)- Beheaded with surgical cleaver in dream; had asthma attack in coffin
4. Mike (Henry Cavill)- Hook in back and out chest in dream; died of fright in coffin
5. Police Officer (Costi Mirica)- Spike through head and out mouth
6. The Host (Lance Henriksen)- Sliced to pieces with scythe on chains

*NOTE: Jake also had a vision of all the partiers hung dead while at Leviathan House, and there were other deaths referenced by The Host, including nuns and inmates that were a part of the house's horrid past.

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