Release: Friday, October 16, 1998
Company: Universal Pictures
Length: 89 Minutes
Tagline: Chucky Gets Lucky
Budget: $25 million
Domestic Box Office: $32.4 Million
Global Box Office: $50.6 Million
Opening Weekend: $11.8 Million
Sound Quality: Dolby Digital/DTS/Sony Dynamic
Film Dates: April 15- July 15, 1998
Film Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Kemper, Ontario, Canada
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Los Angeles, California
Film Availability: VHS, DVD, BLU-RAY, BOX SET, DIGITAL
Soundtrack Availability: CD, SCORE COMBO CD


1. VIVIAN VAN PELT (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky prior to events of the film
2. OFFICER BAILEY (Vincent Corazza)- Throat slit with nail file
3. DAMIEN (Alexis Arquette)- Lip piercing ripped out, smothered with pillow
4. TIFFANY (Jennifer Tilly)- Electrocuted to death in bathtub
5. CHIEF KINCAID (John Ritter)- Nails to face, later revives and is knifed to death
6. OFFICER NORTON (Michael Johnson)- Immolated in exploding police car
7. DIANE (Janet Kidder)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
8. RUSS (James Gallanders)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
9. DAVID (Gordon Michael Woolvett)- Hit by speeding truck on highway
10. HUSBAND (uncredited)- and-
11. WIFE (uncredited)- Shot in head offscreen, burned to death in RV explosion
12. CORONER (uncredited)- Shot in head

*NOTE: At the end of the film, Chucky and Tiffany's newborn attacked LT. PRESTON (Lawrence Dane), but it is unknown whether it killed him.

Film Total: 12
Series Total: 72


1. Punched in face
2. Dry-humped
3. Thrown to ground
4. Kicked in face
5. Thrown across room
6. Punched in face
7. Dropped on ground
8. Palm to forehead
9. Crashes through car window
10. Lands on ground
11. Knifed in back
12. Dirt in face
13. Bit on hand
14. Choked
15. Hit with shovel
16. Shot to death

Film Total: 16
Series Total: 93


TIFFANY: "Well, hello, dolly..."
CHUCKY: "Hi, I'm Chucky, wanna play?"
TIFFANY: "I'll kill anybody, but I'll only sleep with someone I love..."
CHUCKY: "You are so dead!"
CHUCKY: "If you know what's good for you, you're going to love, honor, & obey!"
TIFFANY: "Barbie, eat your heart out..."
CHUCKY: "Who the f*ck is Martha Stewart?"
CHUCKY: "Sit back, and learn from the master..."
CHUCKY: "A true classic...never goes out of style..."
CHUCKY: "I don't know about you, but I'm startin' to feel like Pinocchio here..."
CHUCKY: "Have I got a rubber? Tiff, look at me, I'm ALL rubber!"
DAVID: "Honey, this ain't no dirty socks..."
CHUCKY: "Tiff, those, uh, dishes aren't gonna wash themselves, you know..."
TIFFANY: "F*ck Martha Stewart! Martha Stewart can kiss my shiny, plastic butt!"
TIFFANY: "Take it from me, plastic is no substitute for a nice hunk of wood!"
CHUCKY: "I didn't hear her complaining last night..."
CHUCKY: "B*tch! You broke my neck!"
TIFFANY: "Why can't I ever get it on with the real good guys..."
TIFFANY: "We belong dead!"
CHUCKY: "Dying is such a b*tch!"



Directed By- Ronny Yu
Written By- Don Mancini
Based On Characters Created By- Don Mancini
Produced By- David Kirschner & Grace Gilroy
Co-Producer- Laura Moskowitz
Casting By- Joanna Colbert & Ross Clydesdale, C.D.C.
Costume Designer- Lynne MacKay
Music Supervisors- Mary Ramos & Michelle Kuznetsky
Music By- Graeme Revell
Chucky & Tiffany Dolls Created By- David Kirschner
Chucky & Tiffany Puppet Effects Created By- Kevin Yagher
Edited By- David Wu, Randolph K. Bricker
Production Designer- Alicia Keywan
Director Of Photography- Peter Pau
Executive Producers- Don Mancini & Corey Sienega
Puppeteer- Kevin Yagher
Puppeteers- Tony Acosta Jr. & Evan Brainard
Stephen Brathwaite, Pamela Cveticanin, Sam De La Torre
Brendan McMurray, Frank Meschkuleit, David Miner Jr.
John Pattison, Anton Rupprecht, Johnnie Spence
Rob Stefaniuk, Fred Stison, Mario Torres Jr.
Garth Winkless, N. Brock Winkless IV
Chucky Double- Ed Gale
Tiffany Double- Debbie Lee Carrington
Ms. Tilly's/Ms. Heigl's Stand-In- Krisztina Meuring
Mr. Stabile's Stand-In- Sean Irvine
Mr. Ritter's Stand-In- Michael Favell
Production Manager- Grace Gilroy
First Assistant Director- Myron Hoffert
Second Assistant Director- Simon Board
Visual Effects Supervisor- Michael Muscal
Art Director- James McAteer
Assistant Art Director- Gordon Lebredt
Assistant Art Director- Grant Van Der Slagt
Storyboard Artists- Kelly Brine
Jim Craig & Peter Von Sholly
Set Designer- Gordon White
Art Department Apprentices- Jane Kim, Emily Weedon
Set Decorators- Carol Lavoie, Mike Harris
Assistant Set Decorator- Fiona Andrew
Set Decorator Buyer- Tom Coulter
Set Dressers- Richard Ferbrache, John Rankin
On-Set Decorators- Theresa Buckley, Andrew Hill
Set Decorator Laborer- Charlene Jackson
"A" Camera Operator/Steadicam- Keith Murphy
"A" Camera Focus Puller- Glenn Pineau
"A" Camera Second- Rich Green, Joseph Micomonaco
"B" Camera Operator- Marvin Midwicki
"B" Camera Focus Puller- Philippe Champion
Camera Trainees- Paul Begin, Mike G. Williams
Stills Photographer- George Kraychyk
Playback- Greg Williams
Video Assists- Mark Lewandowski, Dylan How
Video Trainee- Brendan Bresnahan
Sound Mixer- OWen Langevin
Right Boom- J.L. Thompson
Left Boom- Erika Schengili-Roberts
Property Master- Deryck Blake
Assistant Props Master- Chris Pellegrini
Props Buyer- Geoffrey Smith
Gunhandler- John Berger
Gaffer- Christopher Howard
Best Boy Electric- Danny Piva
Electrics- Philip A. Giglio, Lawrence Smith
Paul Bolton & Mike Gillan
Generator Operator- John Irwin
Rigging Gaffer- Andy Langevin
Key Grip- Wayne Goodchild
Best Boy Grip- Glen Goodchild
Dolly Grip- Jim Krauter
Company Grips- Keith Adams
Michael Aerhd, Mark Willis
Rigging Grip- Carlo Campana
Costume Supervisor- Cori Burchell
Wardrobe Master- Graham Docherty
Wardrobe Mistresses- Stacey Coker, Debbie Williams
Wardrobe Assistant- Roslyn Hanchard
Cutter- Carl Docherty
Breakdown Artist- Vera Lawrence
Key Make-Up Artist- Patricia Green
Assistant Make-Up Artists- Beverly Carr, Veronica Green
Chucky & Tiffany Puppet Effects Created By-
Kevin Yagher Productions, Inc.
Studio Manager- Mark C. Yagher
Project Supervisor- Mitch Coughlin
Sculptor/Painter- Mario Torres
Sculptor- Jeff Buccacio
Mold/Silicone Technicians- Tony Acosta Jr.
Zachariah Cveticanin, Frank Diettinger
Brian Engebretsen, Anthony Matijevich, David Perteet
David Selvadurai, Christopher Walker, Garth Winkless
Painter- Thomas Killeen
Wardrobe Construction- Pamela Cveticanin, Jeff Himmel
Animatronic Design- Evan Brainard
Mechanical Technicians- David Miner Jr., Mario Castillo
Sam De La Torre, Samara Hagopian, James Hirahara
Gary Martinez, Anton Rupprecht, Jason Ryan
Bryan Sides, Johnnie Spence
Hair Construction- Jill Crosby
Production Assistants- Coffee Polk, Darlene Scaife
Special Make-Up Effects- Paul Jones Effects Studio Inc.
Paul Jones Effects Studio Artists- Gary J. Tunnicliffe
Claire-Jane Deacon, Kyle Glencross, Matthew Galliford
Martin Astles, Grant Mason, Buffy Shields
David Scott, Allan Cooke, Cinebotics Inc.
Hair Designer- Judi Cooper Sealy
Assistant Hairstylists- Kelly Baker, Tamara Harrod
Third Assistant Directors- Katrina Lee, Catherine Lew
Trainee Assistant Director- Joseph T. Finkleman
Script Supervisor- Blanche McDermaid
Unit Location Manager- Keith Large
Assistant Location Manager- Will Hoddinott
Locations Production Assistants- Alex McNaughton, Chris Storey
Production Coordinator- Deborah Zwicker
Assistant Production Coordinator- Dawn Howat
Office Production Assistants- J. Willem Wennekers, Andreas Haas
Assistant To Mr. Kirschner & Ms. Sienega- Susan Roberts
Assistant To Mr. Kirschner- Rami Kviatkovsky
Assistants To Mr. Yu- Elise Plant & Emily Weedon
Assistant To Ms. Gilroy- Brooke K. McGill
Unit Publicist- Karen Pidgurski
Production Accountant- Lyn Lucibello
First Assistant Accountant- Daniel Horvat
Payroll Accountant- Brian Turley
Accounting Clerks- Agnes Lucibello & Carmen Mendez Arias
Stunt Coordinator- John Stoneham Jr.
Ms. Tilly's Stunts Performed By- C.J. Fidler
Ms. Heigl's Stunts Performed By- Loren Petersen
Mr. Stabile's Stunts Performed By- Jamie Jones
Stunts- Lloyd Adams, Ron Bell, Marco Bianco, Matt Birman
Eric Bryson, Phil Chiu, Michael Favell, Brian Kaulback
Henry Korhonen, Patrick Mark, Dwayne McLean, Billy Oliver
Ed Queffelec, Ken Quinn, Branko Racki, Alison Reid
Kevin Rushton, Patricia Shill, Mary Anne Stevens, David Stinson
John Stoneham Sr., Rebecca Stoneham-Moore
Bryan Thomas, Jennifer Vey
Special Effects Coordinator- Colin Chilvers
Special Effects Supervisor- Arthur Langevin
Special Effects Key- Tony Kenny
Special Effects Second Key- Rocco Larizza
Special Effects Shop Key- Allan Meuse
Special Effects Assistant Shop Key- Emile Godin
Special Effects Lead Hand- Daniel Godin
Special Effects Technicians- David Hill, Kevin Hughes
Special Effects Coordinator- Dean Stewart
Aerial Rigging- David Harcourt
Construction Coordinator- Phillip Tellez
Head Carpenters- Duncan Campbell, Ron Bunt
Location Head Carpenter- Mark O'Donoghue
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Denis Perrier, Roy Obermeier, Barry Galbraith
Greg Fugina, Sloan Meyer, Norm Currie, Brian Van De Valk
Standy Carpenter- Fraser Howard
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Assistant Welder- Ivan Alamina
Second Assistant Welder- Chris Swatuk
Key Construction Laborer- Salvatore Larizza
Construction Laborers- Marc Tellez
Brian Slaney, Annie Morin
Construction Coordinator- Sarah Ashton
Key Scenic Artist- Willi Holst
Head Painter- Otto Fondan
Assistant Head Painter- Joe Williams
Painter- Richard Brooks
Standby Painter- Alison J. Campbell
Mold Maker- Keith S. Mocon
Assistant Mold Maker- Keith McCully
Head Greens- Aaron Dinsmore
Extras Casting- Donna Dupere
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Head Captain- Pat Beaudrow
Picture Car Captain- Bryan R. Lee
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Lorne Frederick, Richard Kruk, Craig Oliver
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George Prabucki, Ray Gabourie
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Catering By- Location Caterers Ltd.
Chef- Wilhelm Baum
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Assistant- Ruth Beaudrow
Craft Service- Reel Craft Ltd., Carlo Denuzzo
On-Set Nurse Provided By- Entertainment Health Services
Post-Production Coordinator- Redd Knight
Associate Editor- Annellie Rose Samuel
First Assistant Editor- Lee Michael Searles
Second Assistant Editor- David Tarnawsky
Conform Editors- Fiona Paterson, Jacqueline Carmody
Trainee Editors- Lorraine Samuel, Deanna Scriver
Supervising Sound Editor- Stephen Barden
Dialogue Editor- Elizabeth Pajek
ADR Editors- Jill Purdy
Paul Germann, Bernadette Kelly
Sound Effects Editors- Paula Fairfield
Craig Henighan, Stephen Roque
First Assistant Sound Editor- Anna Malkin
Second Assistant Sound Editor- J.R. Fountain
Music Editor- Ashley Revell
Additional Music Editing- David Trevis, Michael Dittrick
Programming & Arrangements- David Russo
Orchestration & Conductor- Tim Simonec
Music Sound Design- Brian Williams
Music Scoring Mixer- John Kurlander
Music Mixers- Slamm Andrews, Mark Currie
Orchestra Contractor- Simon James
Music Consultant- John Katovsich
Foley Artists- Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm
Foley Assistants- Sharon Zupancic, Rebecca Wright
Re-Recording Mixers- Don White
Andy Koyama, Tim O'Connell
Re-Recording Assistant- Brad Thornton
Foley Mixers- Ron Mellegers, Tony Van Den Akker
ADR Recordist- Greg Shim
Control Room Operators- Brent McLeod
Mike Irvine, Walter Grabowski, Christian Carruthers
Dolby Consultant- Eric A. Christoffersen
Color Timers- Leslie D'Brass, Chris Severn
Negative Cutter- Catherine Rankin
Visual Effects By- Gajdecki Visual Effects
Sue Riedl, Mark Savela, Mike Borrett, Barb Benoit
Elizabeth Holmes, Christine Petrov
Matthew Talbot-Kelly, Jason Snea
Animation & Visual Effects By- Toybox, Toronto
Dennis Berardi, Josa Leah Porter, Derek Grime
Brian Anderson, Mike Manza, Mark Stepanek
Nelson Yu, Alex Boothby, Jeff Campbell, Jonathan Gibson
Mark Goldberg, Rob Gyorgy, Paul Rigg, Mike Ellis
Visual Effects & 3D Animation By- Perpetual Motion Pictures
Richard Malzahn, Kimberly Sylvester
Visual Effects By- Nerve Effects, Inc.
Anthony Paterson, Ariel Joson, Larry Adlon
Ian Britton, Enrique Lim, Derek Lang
Additional Visual Effects By- Metrolight Studios
Scanning Services By- Cine-Byte Imaging Inc., Toronto, Canada
Film Recording Services By- Electronic Filmworks, Hollywood, California
Main Title & Opticals By- Film Effects Inc.
Second Unit-
Director- David Wu
Director Of Photography- Raymond A. Brounstein
First Assistant Camera- Alexander Cooper
Second Assistant Camera- Norine Mark
First Assistant Director- Simon Board
Trainee Assistant Director- Joseph T. Finkleman
Key Grip- Mark Willis
Gaffer- Kevin Murphy
Script Supervisors- Catherine Taylor, Wayne Pells
Unit Wardrobe Mistress- Gerri Gillan
Props- Malcolm Byard
Set Decorator- Theresa Buckley
Catering- Shoots
Additional Photography By- Bill Mitchell Cinematography
Additional Photography By- Blue Sky Stock Footage
Soundtrack Album On- CMC International Records
Filmed On Location In- Ontario, Canada
Camera, Lighting & Grip Equipment Supplied By-
William F. White Limited
The Producers Wish To Thank The Following For Their Assistance-
The City Of Toronto
The Town Of Markham
The Town Of Pickering
The Town Of Niagara
Ontario Film Development Corporation
The Province Of Ontario
Ericksen Make-Up
Special Thanks To- David Stinson
Color By- Deluxe
Recorded In- Dolby Digital/DTS/Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Filmed On- Eastman
Copyright 1998 Universal City Studios, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

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