1. In the opening scene, various horror icons were homaged as the police artifacts were shown, including Michael Myers' and Jason's masks (from the 'Halloween' and 'Friday The 13th' movies), Leatherface's chainsaw (from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' movies), and Freddy Krueger's glove (from the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' films). The crate from the movie 'Creepshow' is also there.

2. According to Jennifer Tilly, the doll sex scene was all improvised and never in the original script.

3. The scene when Tiffany got electrocuted in the bathtub was originally supposed to happen to Maggie in the first film, but producer Don Mancini changed it and then used it here instead.

4. Julia Stiles originally got the part of Jade, but later dropped out to play a role in the popular teen drama '10 Things I Hate About You'.

5. The character Damien Baylock is a nod to 'The Omen' (1976), where the satanic child is Damien, and his evil nanny was Mrs. Baylock.

6. The date on Tiffany's newspaper clippings at the beginning of the movie show November 9, 1988, which was the date the first film was released.

7. The film takes place in 1998, supposedly one month after the events of Part 3.

8. The handgun Chucky uses at the end is a 2nd generation Glock 17.

9. The handgun Tiffany uses is a nickel Bruni ME-8 police gun.

10. The revolver Jade uses to kill Chucky at the end with is a Taurus Model 65.

11. Chief Kincaid's death was created as an homage to the 'Hellraiser' films, with Kincaid resembling the lead villain, Pinhead. After the kill, Chucky exclaims, "Why Does That Look So Familliar?", a line Brad Dourif admitted was ad-libbed and not originally in the script.

12. When Chucky decides to kill Chief Kincaid, he first picks up a ball-peen hammer, only to put it down when Tiffany remarks, "Predictable". In the original 'Child's Play', Chucky kills Maggie by hitting her in the head with the Good Guy brand ball-peen hammer and sending her flying out a window to her death.

13. According to the DVD's director commentary, after Chucky kills Chief Warren (John Ritter), he was supposed to tell him, "Sorry, Jack, but three's a crowd". This would have been an homage to the fact that Ritter also starred in the hit TV sitcom 'Three's Company' in the late 1970s. But at the last minute, Director Ronny Yu deleted it out of the script because he found it "too corny".

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