Graeme Revell- Stealing Evidence/Hello Dolly
Graeme Revell- The Little Death/Reunited
Graeme Revell- A Most Shocking Revelation
Graeme Revell- Twisted Proposal/Plastic Love
Graeme Revell- Finale
Graeme Revell- We Belong Dead
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies- Boogie King
Monster Magnet- See You In Hell
Judas Priest- Blood Stained
Motorhead- Love For Sale



1. Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies- Boogie King
2. White Zombie- Thunder Kiss '65
3. Coal Chamber- Blisters
4. Monster Magnet- See You In Hell
5. Judas Priest- Blood Stained
6. Type O Negative- Love You To Death
7. Slayer- Human Disease
8. Stabbing Westward- So Wrong
9. Powerman 5000- The Son Of X-51
10. Bruce Dickinson- Trumpets Of Jericho
11. Static-X- Bled For Days
12. Motorhead- Love For Sale
13. Kidneythieves- Crazy
14. Graeme Revell- We Belong Dead



1. Was It A Dream?
2. Crash
3. Elegy
4. Three Suns
5. Settlement
6. Desert Journey
7. Pitch Black
8. Race Against The Sun
9. Total Eclipse
10. Here
11. Clash Of The Titans
12. Move!
13. Move!
14. The Rapture
15. Goodnight


16. Tiffany And Chucky
17. Break In/That's Our Chucky
18. Voodoo For Dummies/Master At Work
19. Plastic Love
20. Domestic Bliss
21. The Amulet
22. Tiffany Kills Chucky
23. Child's Play 5-The Seed Of Chucky?
24. Reunited

Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl
Blondie- Call Me
Willie Nelson- Crazy

Score Composed & Performed By- Graeme Revell

"Boogie King"
Written By Michael E. Farris
Performed By The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies
From The Album "Big Wheel"
Courtesy Of Capricorn Records

"Thunder Kiss '65"
Written By Robert Bartlett, Shauna Reynolds
Ivan DePrume & Jay Yuenger
Performed By White Zombie
From The Album "La Sexorcisto- Devil Music Vol. 1"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records
Under License From Universal Music Special Markets

Written By Dez Fafara, Miguel Rascon
Rayna Foss & Mike Cos
Performed By Coal Chamber
From The Album "Giving The Devil His Due"
Courtesy Of Roadrunner Records

"See You In Hell"
Written By Dave Wyndorf
Performed By Monster Magnet
From The Album "Powertrip"
Courtesy Of A&M Records, Inc.
By Arrangement With PolyGram Film & TV Music

"Blood Stained"
Written By Glenn Tipton & Kenneth Downing
Performed By Judas Priest
From The Album "Live In London"
Courtesy Of CMC International Records

"Love You To Death"
Written By Peter Steele
Produced By Josh Silver & Peter Steele
Performed By Type O Negative
From The Album "October Rust"
Courtesy Of Roadrunner Records

"Human Disease"
Written By Tom Araya, Jeff Hannemann & Kerry King
Performed By Slayer
From The Album "Soundtrack To The Apocalypse"
Courtesy Of American Recordings
By Arrangement With Sony Music Licensing

"So Wrong"
Written By Christopher Hall, Jim Sellers
Walter Flakus & Andy Kubiszewski
Performed By Stabbing Westward
From The Album "Wither Blister Burn + Peel"
Courtesy Of Columbia Records
By Arrangement With Sony Music Licensing

"The Son Of X-51"
Written By Powerman 5000
Produced By Sylvia Massy & Ulrich Wild
Performed By Powerman 5000
From The Album "Tonight The Stars Revolt!"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records

"Trumpets Of Jericho"
Written By Bruce Dickinson & Roy Ramirez
Performed By Bruce Dickinson
From The Album "The Chemical Wedding"
Courtesy Of CMC International Records

"Bled For Days"
Written By Wayne Richard Wells, Kenneth Jay Lacey
Antonio Campos & Koichi Fukuda
Performed By Static X
From The Album "Wisconsin Death Trip"
Courtesy Of Warner Brothers Records Inc.
By Arrangement With Warner Special Products

"Love For Sale"
Written By Ian Kilmister, Phil Campbell
And Mikkey Dee
Produced By Cameron Webb & Motorhead
Performed By Motorhead
From The Album "Snake Bite Love"
Courtesy Of Steamhammer/SPV Records

Written By Willie Nelson
Performed By Kidneythieves
From The Album "Zerospace"
Courtesy Of Push Records, Inc.
A Division Of Paradise Music And Entertainment, Inc.

"We Belong Dead"
Written & Performed By Graeme Revell
Exclusive To The "Bride Of Chucky" Original Soundtrack
Courtesy Of Universal Records

"Living Dead Girl"
Written By Rob Zombie
Produced By Scott Humphrey and Rob Zombie
Performed By Rob Zombie
From The Album "Hellbilly Deluxe"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records
Under License From Universal Music Special Markets

"Call Me"
Written By Deborah Harry & Giorgio Moroder
Performed By Blondie
From The Soundtrack Album "American Gigolo"
Courtesy Of Chrysalis Records, A Division Of EMI
Under License From EMI Music Special Markets

Written By Willie Nelson
Produced By Joe Allison
Performed By Willie Nelson
From The Album "And Then I Wrote"
Courtesy Of Liberty Records

Written By Victor Indrizzo
Performed By Drizz
Courtesy Of Famous Music

"Finally Over"
Written By Trevor Mote
Performed By The Assholes

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