1. According to Jennifer Tilly (Tiffany), there was a ton of footage (hours!) shot showing her re-assembly of Chucky, and then her seduction dance. No word from creator Don Mancini if that footage exists, though.


2. According to an interview with Katherine Heigl, the original idea for the RV escape was for her to shoot Tiffany in the head, and not kicking her into the oven. "They had a squib on the (Tiffany) doll because they were going to shoot her and they needed to see the blood. But it exploded outward and hit me in the arm. It's such a teeny little scratch and I made such a big deal about it." Although, as time went on, she grew to be rather found of her "battle scar".


3. Originally, after the RV crash scene, Tiffany stops breathing. Jesse, needing her alive to try to trade her for Jade, gives her mouth-to-mouth CPR and revives her. After that, while Jesse is throwing up, Tiffany comes back alive and is completely smitten with him. It would have made more sense later in the film when the double-cross happened and Tiffany stabbed Chucky in the back.


4. While it is unknown whether any additional footage exists, there was originally supposed to be a scene at the very end of the movie where Chucky's soul transfer actually worked, and he took over Jesse's body. The cliffhanger would have been where Chucky's voice came out of Jesse and vice-versa.


5. While it is unknown whether or not any alternate endings to 'Bride Of Chucky' exist, creator Don Mancini did mention on the director's commentary that the original ending was supposed to correspond with a scene that was taken out where during Jessie and Jade's trip through Niagara falls they pass a museum featuring items from the most notorious serial killers. At that point, Tiffany asks, "Why isn't Chucky in here?". Then, later, when the movie ends, the final scene would have featured both Chucky and Tiffany's bodies, now on display in that same museum.

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