1. In the beginning of the movie, the United States flag is improperly displayed at the Lockport Police Department. When hung on a wall, the flag is supposed to be hung with the stars in the upper right corner, or the viewer's left. Obviously, this was not the case.

2. How could Tiffany have sewn Chucky back together? He was completely destroyed at the end of 'Child's Play 3'. Half of his face was gone and he exploded into many small pieces.

EXPLANATION: I don't think I have to explain the power of voodoo yet again, folks.

3. What are the odds Tiffany would have had the exact doll parts she needed to put Chucky back together?

EXPLANATION: Maybe she spent time collecting them in the hope she'd find the real Chucky one day.

4. When Tiffany recreates Chucky, she places one of his eyeballs in backward (we are in Chucky's head looking out through his eye socket and Tiffany places the eye's pupil in first to face us, but it should be facing her in order for it to look out and be able to see as it does later in the film).

5. What colleges offer figure skating scholarships? Yeah, I didn't think so.

6. Since when was a salt pentagram, candles and a spell enough to resurrect the dead?

EXPLANATION: See Number One.

7. Why have we not heard of the Heart of Damballa before? Chucky wasn't wearing around his neck in the original film. Major plot hole.

8. If Chucky couldn't smoke in the original 'Child's Play', how then is Tiffany able to do so now?

9. According to the reporter, Chucky's body was buried at the 'Forest Creek Cemetery', yet the sign at the cemetery says 'Forest Hills Cemetery'.

10. Tiffany keeps Chucky locked up in a playpen that rolls in and out from under a lid. However, nothing actually attaches the playpen to the lid, so when Tiffany puts a padlock onto the top of the lid to keep Chucky subdued, it technically wouldn't do anything to keep the playpen from rolling out.

11. When Tiffany throws rice at Chucky after giving him the bride doll, the amount of rice on his face changes in between shots.

12. While Tiffany is being electrocuted in the bathtub, when the camera cuts to the overhead shot, the water is being splashed all over the floor in reverse as if the flood Tiffany is causing is being undone.

13. When Tiffany (now in the body of the doll) finishes her makeover and lights her cigarette, the lighter lights itself without her flicking it.

14. The mole on Tiffany's doll appears before she even draws it on.

15. When Tiffany says her 'Voodoo For Dummies' book will help her solve her problems, Chucky says to go ahead and open the book to chapter 6, page 217. However, when Tiffany is shown with the book, she might have been on page 217, but the 'Chapter 11' is clearly visible at the top.

16. When Jade and David are talking outside Jade's house while waiting for Jesse's van, there is a boom mic clearly visible in the shot.

17. When Officer Norton first shows the bag of pot to Jesse, Jesse knocks it out to the ground. However, in the next shot, it is back in Jesse's hand.

18. When Chucky is crawling to Norton's car, it is painfully obvious that it is a small person in a costume.

19. If Chucky and Tiffany were smoking the marijuana, wouldn't Jesse and Jade have known about it? They would have smelled it a mile away.

20. As Chucky goes to blow up Officer Norton's squad car he is shown walking on the opposite side of the van, with his feet are clearly flat against the floor. But in the next cut, he is crawling on all fours.

21. Why would Chucky stop and flip the middle finger to the junkie at the truck stop? It just made no sense. You'd think he'd had enough practice in concealment since he'd been in the doll's body for many years didn't want to risk discovery.

22. The storage area in the back of the van was not that deep. Even when it was just cracked, it would have been very easy for David (or anyone else) to see the body of Chief Kincaid inside.

23. When Jesse and Jade go into the Honeymoon Suite, why did they take the dolls with them? They could have left them in the van like they did at the wedding.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Jesse, sensing they were his meal ticket, didn't want to let them out of his sight.

24. When Diane walks into Jesse and Jade's honeymoon suite, there's a boom mic clearly visible in the shot.

25. When Chucky proposes to Tiffany, he grabs her finger. But when he actually places the ring on her, he places it on her thumb. And what are the odds it would actually fit a doll's finger, if it was previously on a human finger?

26. Who ever heard of a waterbed exploding like that after it is punctured? It should have just leaked everywhere, but that's it.

27. When David grabs Chief Kincaid's gun off his corpse and points it at Jesse and Jade, it is heard cocking. However, it is later revealed to be a Glock, which has no external hammer to cock. It is also very unlikely that Chucky and Tiffany would handle the chief's body twice and not take his gun.

28. When David is hit by the truck, if you look closely, you'll notice that the blood enters from the side of the screen before the truck even makes contact with him.

29. How could Chucky have been that good of a shot out the back of the van, particularly in a high-speed chase?

EXPLANATION: Maybe he was an expert marksman before he became a doll, because his shooting was particularly great in Part 3 as well.

30. If Chief Kincaid's body was in the back of the van for that long, wouldn't his body have decomposed?

EXPLANATION: Sure, he wasn't really dead until Chucky stabbed him to death, and his odor was what led David to discovering his body, but after all that time, he should have decomposed quite a bit.

31. How could Jade have possibly known about Tiffany's demands of a man when she told her, "the least you could do is wash a dish"?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Jesse told her somewhere along the way, or she sensed what Jesse was getting at, and played along.

32. What are the odds that other tombstones around Charles Lee Ray's would look EXACTLY like them?

33. Again, it is painfully obvious during Chucky and Tiffany's graveside fight that they are small actors in suits fighting.

34. The skull of Charles Lee Ray was broken off by Jade when she grabbed the amulet. Later, when Chucky gets shot, the head is fixed back on.

35. If Tiffany was stabbed in the stomach by Chucky, wouldn't that have killed the unborn fetus as well? And how could the baby have grown so quickly and not needed the normal 9 months?

EXPLANATION: One more time, see Number One.

36. When Lt. Preston kneels down by the burnt dead Tiffany doll her head is pointing straight, but in the next shot it's turned to the side.

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