Total Number Dead: 72

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1. Charles (Brad Dourif)- Shot to death by Detective Norris
2. Maggie (Dinha Manoff)- Hammer to face, falls to death out apartment window
3. Eddie (Neil Giuntoli)- Immolated in gas explosion
4. John (Raymond Oliver)- Leg and arm broken, stabbed in chest via voodoo doll
5. Dr. Ardmore (Jack Colvin)- Scalpel to leg, electrocuted to death on electro-shock therapy machine

CHILD'S PLAY 2 (1990)

6. Technician #1 (Don Pugsley)- Electrocuted to death
7. Mattson (Greg Germann)- Suffocated with plastic bag
8. Miss Kettlewell (Beth Grant)- Basketball pump to stomach, beat to death with yard stick
9. Phil (Gerrit Graham)- Tripped by Chucky, falls down basement stairs and breaks neck
10. Joanne (Jenny Agutter)- Strangled to death offscreen
11. Grace (Grace Zabriskie)- Knifed to death in chest
12. Technician #2 (Vince Melocchi)- Throat slashed with knife, eyes impaled on doll-making machine

CHILD'S PLAY 3 (1991)

13. Mr. Sullivan (Peter Haskell)- Hit in head with golf club, dart in back and head, strangled to death with yo-yo
14. Garbage Man (Terry Wills)- Crushed to death in back of garbage truck
15. Colonel Cochrane (Dakin Matthews)- Has heart attack, falls dead through glass case
16. Sergeant Botnick (Andrew Robinson)- Throat slashed with straight razor
17. Lt. Col. Shelton (Travis Fine)- Accidentally shot with live round by Epstein
18. Whitehurst (Dean Jacobson)- Immolated by exploding grenade
19. Security Guard (Michael Chieffo)- Shot in head offscreen


20. Vivian Van Pelt (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky prior to events of the film
21. Officer Bailey (Vincent Corazza)- Throat slit with nail file
22. Damien (Alexis Arquette)- Lip piercing ripped out, smothered with pillow
23. Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)- Electrocuted to death in bathtub
24. Chief Kincaid (John Ritter)- Nails to face, later revives and is knifed to death
25. Officer Norton (Michael Johnson)- Immolated in exploding police car
26. Diane (Janet Kidder)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
27. Russ (James Gallanders)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
28. David (Gordon Michael Woolvett)- Hit by speeding truck on highway
29. Husband (uncredited)- and-
30. Wife (uncredited)- Shot in head offscreen, burned to death in RV explosion
31. Coroner (uncredited)- Shot in head


32. Tiffany's Mother (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky twenty years prior
33. Claudia's Dad (Simon James Morgan)- Knifed in chest, falls to his death over balcony
34. Claudia's Mom (Stephanie Chambers)- Falls out of shower, cracks head on ceramic floor
35. Santa Claus (Jason Flemyng)- Strangled with slinky, stabbed to death in horror film
36. Tony Gardner (Himself)- Beheaded with wire
37. Britney (Nadia Dina Ariqat)- Ran off road, immolated in car explosion
38. Pete (John Waters)- Face melted with sulfuric acid
39. Redman (Himself)- Disemboweled with knife
40. Joan (Hannah Spearritt)- Burned to death, falls to her death over balcony
41. Mailman (uncredited)- Macheted in head
42. Pizza Guy (uncredited)- Fireplace poker in back
43. Real Estate Woman (uncredited)- and
44. Real Estate Woman's Dog (uncredited)- Suffocated with plastic bag
45. Stan (Steve Lawton)- Knifed in chest
46. Fulvia (Rebecca Santos)- Beat to death with Tiffany doll


47. Nica's Dad (Kyle Nobess)- Drowned by Chucky prior to events of the film
48. Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle)- Stabbed in the stomach with scissors, later found dead by Nica
49. Father Frank (A Martinez)- Poisoned by Chucky, later beheaded in car accident
50. Motorist #1 (uncredited)- and
51. Motorist #2 (uncredited)- Killed in car accident with Father Frank
52. Jill (Maitland McConnell)- Electrocuted to death
53. Barb (Danielle Bisutti)- Eye popped out with knife
54. Ian (Brennan Elliott)- Jaw split open with an ax
55. Officer Stanton (Adam Hurtig)- Throat slit with nail file


56. Joshua (uncredited)- Suffocated with pillow by Madeleine in events prior to the film
57. Alice (Summer H. Howell)- Possessed by Chucky and killed in events prior to the film
58. Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr)- Found with her wrists slit by wheelchair spoke
59. Claire (Grace Lynn Kung)- Bit by Chucky, beheaded by falling shards of glass
60. Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen)- Tongue ripped out, Chucky's arm rammed into throat
61. Nurse Carlos (Zak Santiago)- Scalpel in leg, power drill through chest, stabbed to death, cut open with broken bottle
62. Asylum Guard (Darren Wall)- Throat slit with nail file
63. Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault)- Bottle broken over back of head, which is later stomped in repeatedly
64. Nurse Ashley (Ali Tataryn)- Power drill through chest
65. Malcolm (Adam Hurtig)- Power drill through back of head and out eye


66. Chien (Phoenix Ly)- Jumped to death off factory roof and crashed through parked car
67. Mickey Rooney (Andy's cat)- Stabbed to death offscreen
68. Shane (David Lewis)- Falls off ladder, legs broken, scalped by tiller, stabbed 13 times, skinned and beheaded
69. Gabe (Trent Redekop)- Stabbed repeatedly in leg, groin, and chest, hands burned on scalding pipe, bisected by table saw
70. Doreen (Carlease Burke)- Crashed in Kaslan Kar, knifed in chest
71. Wes (Amro Majzoub)- Knifed in neck, drone propeller to chest
72. Worker (uncredited)- Found dead during Zed Mart Massacre


*At the end of 'Bride Of Chucky', Chucky and Tiffany's newborn attacked Lt. Preston (Lawrence Dane), but it is unknown whether he survived.

*In 'Child's Play' (2019), it is unknown how many employees and shoppers were killed in the Zed Mart Massacre, as the Kaslan products, including drones and the Buddi bears, rampaged throughout the entire store and wiped out anyone in their path. Some folks made it out, others didn't. There was also a deleted scene where Falyn and Pugg find their dog dead, but this was cut as redundant due to the fact that Andy already found his cat dead earlier in the film.

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