1. Vivian Van Pelt (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky prior to events of the film
2. Officer Bailey (Vincent Corazza)- Throat slit with nail file
3. Damien (Alexis Arquette)- Lip piercing ripped out, smothered with pillow
4. Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly)- Electrocuted to death in bathtub
5. Chief Kincaid (John Ritter)- Nails to face, later revives and is knifed to death
6. Officer Norton (Michael Johnson)- Immolated in exploding police car
7. Diane (Janet Kidder)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
8. Russ (James Gallanders)- Impaled to death by falling glass mirror shards
9. David (Gordon Michael Woolvett)- Hit by speeding truck on highway
10. Husband (uncredited)- and-
11. Wife (uncredited)- Shot in head offscreen, burned to death in RV explosion
12. Coroner (uncredited)- Shot in head

*NOTE: At the end of the film, Chucky and Tiffany's newborn attacked Lt. Preston (Lawrence Dane), but it is unknown whether it killed him.

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