1. Tiffany's Mother (uncredited)- Killed by Chucky twenty years prior
2. Claudia's Dad (Simon James Morgan)- Knifed in chest, falls to his death over balcony
3. Claudia's Mom (Stephanie Chambers)- Falls out of shower, cracks head on ceramic floor
4. Santa Claus (Jason Flemyng)- Strangled with slinky, stabbed to death in horror film
5. Tony Gardner (Himself)- Beheaded with wire
6. Britney (Nadia Dina Ariqat)- Ran off road, immolated in car explosion
7. Pete (John Waters)- Face melted with sulfuric acid
8. Redman (Himself)- Disemboweled with knife
9. Joan (Hannah Spearritt)- Burned to death, falls to her death over balcony
10. Mailman (uncredited)- Macheted in head
11. Pizza Guy (uncredited)- Fireplace poker in back
12. Real Estate Woman (uncredited)- and
13. Real Estate Woman's Dog (uncredited)- Suffocated with plastic bag
14. Stan (Steve Lawton)- Knifed in chest
15. Fulvia (Rebecca Santos)- Beat to death with Tiffany doll

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