1. Chien (Phoenix Ly)- Jumped to death off factory roof and crashed through parked car
2. Mickey Rooney (Andy's cat)- Stabbed to death offscreen
3. Shane (David Lewis)- Falls off ladder, legs broken, scalped by tiller, stabbed 13 times, skinned and beheaded
4. Gabe (Trent Redekop)- Stabbed repeatedly in leg, groin, and chest, hands burned on scalding pipe, bisected by table saw
5. Doreen (Carlease Burke)- Crashed in Kaslan Kar, knifed in chest
6. Wes (Amro Majzoub)- Knifed in neck, drone propeller to chest
7. Worker (uncredited)- Found dead during Zed Mart Massacre

*NOTE: It is unknown how many employees and shoppers were killed in the Zed Mart Massacre, as the Kaslan products, including drones and the Buddi bears, rampaged throughout the entire store and wiped out anyone in their path. Some folks made it out, others didn't. There was also a deleted scene where Falyn and Pugg find their dog dead, but this was cut as redundant due to the fact that Andy already found his cat dead earlier in the film.

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