1. Joshua (uncredited)- Suffocated with pillow by Madeleine in events prior to the film
2. Alice (Summer H. Howell)- Possessed by Chucky and killed in events prior to the film
3. Angela (Marina Stephenson Kerr)- Found with her wrists slit by wheelchair spoke
4. Claire (Grace Lynn Kung)- Bit by Chucky, beheaded by falling shards of glass
5. Madeleine (Elisabeth Rosen)- Tongue ripped out, Chucky's arm rammed into throat
6. Nurse Carlos (Zak Santiago)- Scalpel in leg, power drill through chest, stabbed to death, cut open with broken bottle
7. Asylum Guard (Darren Wall)- Throat slit with nail file
8. Dr. Foley (Michael Therriault)- Bottle broken over back of head, which is later stomped in repeatedly
9. Nurse Ashley (Ali Tataryn)- Power drill through chest
10. Malcolm (Adam Hurtig)- Power drill through back of head and out eye

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