Prologue- The Depths Of A Dream
Chapter 1- A Typical Morning
Chapter 2- The Dark Sketch
Chapter 3- Dream Encounter
Chapter 4- The Crave Inn
Chapter 5- Exam Time
Chapter 6- Back In Business
Chapter 7- The Nurse's Office
Chapter 8- The Evil Spreads
Chapter 9- Captured
Chapter 10- Springwood Memorial
Chapter 11- The Weight Room
Chapter 12- Shaye-ved
Chapter 13- Game Time
Chapter 14- First Quarter
Chapter 15- Second Quarter
Chapter 16- Halftime
Chapter 17- Saturated
Chapter 18- A Promise To Keep
Chapter 19- One Missed Call
Chapter 20- Loss Of Two
Chapter 21- Fourth And Long
Chapter 22- Putting The Pieces Together
Chapter 23- Realization
Chapter 24- A New Masterpiece
Chapter 25- Too Late
Chapter 26- Quarterback Sneak
Chapter 27- Transformation
Chapter 28- The Final Battle
Chapter 29- Bedroom Surprise
Chapter 30- Lock Down
Epilogue- The Springwood Slasher???

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