When, out of nowhere, Lexi was startled awake by the sound of someone calling her name.

“Alexis? Alexis Murphy?” the deep, determined voice called out. It was Officer Darrell Jones, sitting next to her on the bed shaking her shoulders.

“Huh??? Where is he?” Lexi screamed, delirious, curling up by her headboard.

“Where’s who?” Deputy Washington chimed in, entering the room behind Jones with his pistol drawn. Lexi didn’t respond nor acknowledge his presence. She just blankly stared around her room and out her window, too hysterical to even speak.

“Is it Krueger?” Jones questioned, trying to bring her out of her trance. “Lexi, is it Krueger?”

But Lexi only screamed at the top of her lungs as the look of sheer terror filled her face again. Officer Jones got his answer a moment later, as Freddy emerged on the far side of the bed, burying his claw deep into his back and splattering his intestines out the front of his stomach.

Blood sprayed all over the defenseless Lexi, who panicked and retreated to the back corner of the room. Deputy Washington, meanwhile, couldn’t even get his gun cocked in time, as Freddy split his head into four equal parts like cheese going through a chopper.

“Noooo!” Lexi screamed as Washington’s headless body first dropped to its knees, then straight down in front of her, a puddle of blood forming at her feet. As Krueger approached, Lexi wiped Jones’ blood from her face and tipped over a bookcase trying to block him. Freddy, now in real flesh and blood, broke the bookcase in two and tripped her up as she tried to get by, sending her crashing to the floor with a thud. Disoriented, Lexi spotted the one thing that made her smile—her sledgehammer, which was only two inches away from her fingertips, and reached for it.

Freddy moved in to strike again, but Lexi spun around and caught him in the midsection with the sledgehammer, sending the demon staggering backward. “AHHHH!,” Freddy murmured as he backed into the far wall opposite Lexi. “I forgot how much this hurts.”

Determined, Springwood’s head cheerleader-turned-goth-freak sprang back to her feet, swinging her sledge with everything she had. The blows stunned Krueger, who recoiled to the corner in agony. That didn’t stop Lexi, who pounded Freddy relentlessly with shots to the stomach, side, and head, but then dropped the heavy sledgehammer, unable to hold it any longer.

Freddy, momentarily dazed, limped around the room like a drunk on a street corner, while Lexi, sensing her opportunity to get out, made a bee-line for the door. However, the knob wouldn’t budge, and, with no other options, she was forced to attempt plan B—climbing out the side window.

Pushing the curtains aside, Lexi carefully opened the window and swung one leg out, placing it onto the rose trellis. She then grabbed the pane and attempted to crawl out the rest of the way, when the dazed Krueger fell into her and they both went flying out the window.

The trellis buckled under their combined weight and broke in half, hitting the ground with a thud. Both Lexi and Freddy absorbed their share of the fall, and were each pricked by thousands of rose thorns in the process.

After a few moments of quiet, it was Lexi who stirred first, rolling to her right off of the trellis. Not noticing the thorns that lined her arms in blood, she looked back and saw Freddy motionless, his red and green sweater darkened with blood. Slowly, she started to get to her feet when something caught her attention nearby. Swirling open like a bird’s wings, she saw what appeared to be a book lying on the ground. Curious, she picked up the small red book and looked at the inside cover.

“Nancy Thompson.." she said aloud, not noticing Freddy stirring behind her. “1428 Elm Street.”

1428? She thought, looking back at her house. The numbers 8241 were still there, but it didn’t take her long to figure out that it was really Nancy Thompson’s house. Intrigued, she began to read the diary, turning through its weathered yellow pages.

“He comes to me at night, horrible, ugly, dirty...under the sheets with me...tearing at my nightgown with his steel claws. His name is Fred, and he keeps trying to take me to the boiler room...He wants to kill me.”

Shaking, she continued flipping through the pages, hoping by some stroke of luck that it would help her. In fact, Lexi got so engrossed in the diary that she didn’t notice the revived Freddy, who was standing right behind her.

“He is evil itself. I know now that I brought him into my world…we all did…gave him all the energy he needed…our screams were all he needed...”

Realizing what that meant, Lexi just stared straight forward, and, sensing Krueger’s presence behind her, calmly said, “I know your secret, Freddy.”

“You what?!” Krueger stated, both surprised and worried.

“It’s too late, Krueger,” Lexi replied, totally ignoring him. “This is just a dream. You’re not alive. This whole thing is just a dream. I’ve figured you out now, thanks to Nancy.”

“I enjoyed killing that bitch, and you’re next!” Freddy snarled, raising his claw one final time.

“No!” Lexi shouted, turning to face him. “You can’t hurt me anymore!”

Freddy, twiddling his claws, froze right in his tracks, shocked at this revelation.

“I take back every bit of energy I gave you,” Lexi yelled. “You’re nothing anymore, Krueger. You’re shit!”

Lunging at her, Freddy screamed “NO! Not again!!!”, but vanished as he did, dissolving into thin air like a movie after the projector reel ran out.

“NOOOOO!” Krueger screamed, his voice fading out like the end of a song.

Lexi, triumphant in victory, smiled, happy to be rid of that nasty bastard.

Then she felt the pain in her stomach.

Wincing, she looked down and saw the four distinct claw marks carved into her mid-section. Blood was oozing out of her, and had already formed a small pool beneath her. Shocked, Lexi’s eyes widened with horror as she felt her stomach in disbelief.

Looking at the palm of her hand now covered in blood, Lexi collapsed on the ground, smacking her head off of the ground.

Then her lights went out.

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